Delay times

  • My Kemper arrived yesterday (YES!) But it looks like I need a refresher course in the delay times. I searched the wiki, and then the deep reference manual under DELAY AND REVERB and I didnt find what I was looking for. So could someone refresh my memory on what the times are? The whole 3/16, 5/16 etc doesnt make sense to me. Im looking for a dotted 1/8th delay. If I recall that was the 3/16 setting? Sorry if this has been rehashed over and over and I did honestly try to find the answer I was looking for without starting a thread on it. ?(

  • Welcome to the Club!

    A dot makes the note 50% longer.
    The rest is pure math:

    dotted 1/8th = 1/8th + (1/8th)/2 = 1/8th + 1/16th = 2x 1/16th + 1/16th = 3x 1/16th = 3/16th

    So you were right.
    dotted 1/8th = 3/16

    Have fun with this awesome piece of gear!