Anyone using IEMs with the Kemper?

  • So Ive never used IEMs before. Our church is making the switch next week. I just got the Kemper yesterday (Ive had it multiple times before). So tonight I hooked my 500.00 studio headphones (Senn 650's) up to the Kemper. It sounded glorious. Just completely awesome. So I unboxed my Shure SE 215s which came yesterday as well. Plugged them into the Kemper and was super bummed. Terribly thin. Sounded awful. Im very discouraged at the moment. I knew the Shures werent going to sound exactly as good as the 650's but I didnt think they would sound this awful. I just dont have the money for 1k set of in ears with dual drivers and such. I hate the thought of taking my 650s to church every week, but I dunno, I may have to. Do you guys have the same issue with your in ears? Are there an affordable pair that may sound decent? I spent 100 bucks on the Shures and I feel like I just blew a 100 bucks. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • If they sound light in the bass, you may not have them in far enough. I've seen reviews of these that said the bass can be overwhelming with some music. Try them with some CD music, and see if you can get them to have better low end by fitting them on and in your ears differently.

    But, comparing them to those Sennheisers will just frustrate you - they are open sounding, large diaphragm headphones. That is the opposite of the in ear sound.

  • I use the E215's in my band with the Furman HDR/HDS wired IEM system. I have never thought they sounded bad .... but then again, I don't own as nice of headphones as you do either (only a pair of HD280's).

    What is the specific "bad" you are hearing?

  • Why are you opposed to using over the ear? I use my ATH M50s at church every week with the one-on-one-off "DJ" style so I can hear the room. I actually enjoy it more than using a floor monitor.

  • Shure SE215 should be ok if u wear them right.
    They are not as good as your senn 650, but they should be ok.
    I got se215, 315, 425, 535.
    I can hear why they got different prices, thats why I like the 535 most.
    I can not say that the 215 are crap, but recomend at least the 315.

    Maybe you didn't got tham in your ears correctly?

  • Yea I got them in right. I even watched a few vids on it. And I never said I was against using over the ear headphones at all. I just dont want to take my expensive headphones to church every week. I just love the 650s and I dont want anything to happen to them. I tired all 3 different size foam adapters last night (didnt try the rubber ones). It just sounds really thin and brittle. And like I said, I certainly dont expect the 215s to sound near as good as the 650, I was just shocked at the difference. I sincerely appreciate all of the responses. If I roll of the top end and presence on the profile, it sounds usable but then that sound going to the board will sound like poo poo. So Im not sure what Im going to do yet.

  • If you have a digital mixer, you might be OK.

    You can send your signal to a pair of inputs, then eq the one you intend on using as your monitor so it sounds good with your E215's. Let the FOH engineer do as they will with your FOH channel.

    Another option would be for you to use the Kemper monitor output seperately into your mixer from the main outputs. Even an analog mixer can then be used to have your monitor send equalized differently than your main input. Also, the Kemper has a seperate eq for the monitor and main output IIRC.

    Now that you mention it, I do notice that my IEM mix has more highs than the FOH does. I always assumed it was simply due to the FOH having a big ole pair of 18" XLF subs compared to my tiny little E215 speakers ;)