Syncing with 3.0 and RM

  • Rig Manager often syncs with KPA Rig Manager everytime I make a change to the rig, rename and save etc.; the rig manager and kemper will be in sync mode but often just gets stuck. I notice if I save the rig (by just remember what buttons to push since I can't see anything becuase the LED says 'syncing rigs' all of a sudden the window will disappear and the rigs are synced apparently or they gave up I think; since some changes haven't been saved.

    I think the new Rig manager and the 3.0 update have this problem and I have replicated this many times since I'm constantly tweaking and saving rigs. :thumbdown:

    In summary: making changes to even 1 rig only causes Rig Manager and Kemper to sync and gets stuck on, for excample, 'syncing 2 of 6' window on kemper and Rig manager. THE THING IS IF I MAKE ONLY 1 CHANGE TO 1 RIG IT STILL GETS STUCK SAVING 3 OF 7 RIGS ETC. Saving the rig by memory (since you can't see menu to save rig) either fixes this or causes the problem to disappear and may be losing changes to rigs.

  • I think the problem is that when I change rigs while the sync is occuring it hangs. If I stay on the rig I am modifying and (wait) for the sync to complete it seems to not hang. But if I move to another rig with sync happening = hang.

    I reinstalled RM and also reinstalled official 3.0.

  • Just an update to this problem. I found one thing out. I often rank my profiles to aid in categorizing quality. If I scroll from 1 star to 3 stars in doing so, the rig manager will sync 1 of 3 2 of 3, 3 of 3. So somehow it's syncing each 'rank' profile as a separate profile. Now, if I open the ranking drop down and just move to 3 star and click on it, it won't do that.

    Also, if the RM is syncing and I move to another profile, it will often lock; sometimes the profiler will lock and sometimes it seems like the 2 don't know whats going on and I'm not sure my changes are saved. Sometimes both lock; this requires a reboot of the Kemper and/or a shutdown/restart of the RM.

    Regardless, discovering that the RM is syncing each rank was a big help but I still have lots of lockups. I'm moving to the latest beta 3.02 today.