RIGBUSTERS: Overdrive Pedal Profiles

  • Hello Everybody,
    since today it’s online our website:


    The first website specializing in overdrive pedal profiles for the Kemper profiler.

    16 Packs available now!

    Suhr Riot Reloaded, Cornish SS-3, Bogner Ubershall, Lovepedal Plexi 800, Fulltone OCD, Analogman Prince of Tone, Pro Co Rat LM308 90’s, Lovepedal Les Lius, CMat Mods Brownie, Masotti Od Box, Suhr Shiba Drive, J&J Sonic Edge by Fargen Amps, Xotic BB Preamp, Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe, Lovepedal OD11, MXR Custom Badass Modified OD

    And many more available soon: Klon Centaur, Secret 1 Ltd, Vemuram Jan Ray, TRex Moller, Paul Cochraine Timmy…

    Free downloads available in the Products section. Check it out!