DSP Error after updating to FW 3.0

  • Hi everyone,

    Last week I updated my kpa to current release FW, apparently everything went Ok. I went to rehearsal and for three times I got a DSP Error message, with a Reboot Soon (or something like that) warning. After rebooting it worked fine for a while, until the problem repeated itself. After 3 instances of this error I called it a day, and packed my gear quite frustrated for disrupting band practice.

    I don't know if this may be HW related or anyone else has experienced similar issues after FW 3.0 was released. I never had such an error before. I would appreciate instructions, or a link, on how to roll back to a previous stable firmware.

    Thank you in advance for your ideas.


  • To roll back to a previous version of the firmware simply download it from our website, unpack the archive and copy the kaos.bin on a USB stick and insert it into the Profiler. Answer with yes when the question pops up if you want to install the firmware.