Kemper midi automation thread

  • Hi! To turn stomps/effects on or off, you have to use Control Changes in your midi track.

    CC#17--20 = stomps A--D

    CC#22 = X

    CC#24 = Mod

    CC#27 = Delay

    CC#29 = Reverb

    Setting the CC to zero turns the stomp/effect slot off, setting it to any other value (1--127) turns it on. I'm not familiar with Cakewalk Sonar, unfortunately, so I don't know how it works for CCs.

    Now for your more specific question: keeping the transpose effect on for an entire song, while changing rigs. You could do different things.

    * You could program your MIDI track to turn the transpose effect on every time you change rigs, but that seems risky (you would have to time it precisely so that the rig is changed before the effect is turned on, but it has to be quick enough so you don't hear it...).

    * You could lock the slot where you put the transpose effect. That way it becomes "global", completely independent of rig changes, as if you had a separate transpose stomp box next to your Kemper. You can turn it on and off independently (using CCs or your pedalboard), and even if you change to another rig, it will stay the way you set it.

    The disadvantage is that if you want to use that slot for other effects in other songs, you'd have to unlock it again during the set. Locking/unlocking is not something you can easily do via MIDI.

    * You could make a copy of your Rig "Crunch" and your Rig "Clean" for that specific song, and store them with the transpose effect already ON. That way, the moment you switch to those rigs, you'll already be in the right key. The Kemper has room for hundreds of rigs so you could even make specific rigs for every song (especially since it will all be automated so you don't have to remember which foot switch to press!).

    Oh and your advance question! :) Yes, switching to another rig via your pedalboard will kill the transpose effect (unless you switch to a rig that also has a transpose effect set to ON, of course). The only way to prevent this is by locking the transpose slot.

  • I am having issues with getting Cakewalk to control my Kemper. I don't want you to everyone I got everything connected and when I'm trying to switch midi channels I get a flashing music note but nothing happens on the Kemper

  • K- so your post doesn't make sense to me.

    What do you mean by:


    "I don't want you to everyone I got everything connected"

    ... this sentence made my eyes boggle a bit. Can you edit?


    I'm trying to switch midi channels

    I think you're saying that you're trying to switch midi *programs* or Kemper patches perhaps... because you shouldn't be trying to change midi channels. Kemper should be on a specific midi channel - ie, Midi channel 1.

    Now - assuming you get everything set up right and the Kemper is indeed seeing the midi commands hit it - which is what I'm guessing you mean by


    I get a flashing music note

    - this is on the Kemper? If so - what specifically are you sending it?

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  • So sorry about that! I'm having issues getting sonar (cakewalk) to switch patches in peform mode. When I'm sending the kemper notes from my Daw nothing happens but on the same line as the title of the patch a small music note appears then disappears. I'm just having issues with the terminology from the kemper. Like I have my global midi channel on the kemper set to 14 and I have the input on the DAW midi track set to the same. I'm just not sure I have the daw setup correctly?

  • You're sending musical notes?

    Your best bet is to send CC47 with a value that corresponds to your performance number.

    Then send CC50/51/52/53/54/55 with a value greater than 0 to select one of the 5 slots.

    This will give you access to EVERY performance and slot in the Kemper.

    EDIT: See here for Sonar stuff:…ffects-unit-m1253614.aspx

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  • If the Kemper midi is flashing, it's getting a midi message- but if you're sending musical notes it doesn't know what to do with them. So- try it with the envelope and see if that does it. If you're still having trouble, I can send you a test midi file that works on mine - you can use that as a template.

    (LMK, would need to run down to the studio to get my Kemper)

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  • Okay- try this. it *SHOULD* set your Kemper to Performance #2, Slot 1.

    Midi file was programatically created in Python, but I just ran it through my ProTools rig.

    Midi interface is an MAUDIO Midisport 2x2.

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