Kemper midi automation thread

  • Yep. That tells the Kemper "Use performance number <whatever>"

    The others tell it what slot to use.

    Good luck dude.

    I was doing this kind of automation on my Atomic before I got the Kemper. It's a game changer for me. I'm too clumsy to tap-dance.

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  • I noticed a few posts back that you mentioned the Kemper doesn’t always change immediately but instead needs you to manually load the preset. I suspect that you are changing bank in these cases and have the System Menu set so that the KPA holds the last Rig until triggered. Just change the setting in the System menu.

  • Ok last question. Is there any benefit of using a device like a midi sport? I'm going to be using 2 kempers on different global channels but if i understand that right I can just connect them through the thru option?

  • Yes- you should be able to connect the via a 'thru' option.

    That said - I *don't* do this. In the rack I have an MTP AV that serves as a midi merger/distributor- so every automated device on our midi network gets it's own port. This way cable failures are isolated to their devices. (Ie,if the cable to the first Kemper fails the second will still switch). It's just piece of mind redundancy I picked up from my lighting days.

    KPA Unpowered Rack, Kemper Remote, X32 Rack, uTrack 24, MTP AV,BC Rich Mockingbird(s)

  • hey there,

    I have a (Stupid) question: I programmed the channel change in cakewalk. I worked perfetct.

    As a fallback I still want to use my Floorboard to change sounds. Therefore i bought a midi merger in front of the keper midi in. Also works great.

    But the problem is: when I have a program change done by the midi track, lets say at 1.00 minutes to a clean sound. And the i press to another sound on my floorboard (lets say crunch sound) it directly switches back to the clean sound, as if the program change from the midi track permanently sends the change till the next „real“ change from the midi grack happens.

    Any Idea how to solve this?

  • When you send the CC, are you sending it at one place, or several? Seems like it is continuously transmitting the CC number.

    A good idea would be to use the Midi OX utility to verify this.

    There should be a way to just send the CC once, rather than constantly, but I'm not familiar with Sonar.