Buying a second KPA for backup?

  • Hey guys, I am debating on buying a second power rack as a backup. I am currently using one for my love rig, but the fear of if something goes wrong I can't fix it is starting to make me paranoid. This year has been a little slow for us but we are projected to pick up in May. So in everyone's experience would you buy a second for a back up? my money situation isn't great at the moment but I can make happen. Thoughts?

  • Well, if you are one of those professionals, that cannot feed their family if the only Kemper brakes, you might want to get a second one.
    Put a basic setup there that works and update only if the other system with newest FW worked for several gigs.
    For hobby-guys like me its not an option ;)
    If Kemper brakes on one of my gigs, the poor 50 guys in front of the stage can be lucky that they do not have to hear me trying to play guitar. Might be, that I get a backup digitec or something from the other guitarist - but if not, I would go home without playing - not loosing real money and reputation ;)

  • well you certainly need some form of backup of course,the Kemper seems to be extremely reliable livewise according to many members of this forum, but accidents etc can happen, so you really have a choice between a 2nd Kemper or one of the many alternative amps/modellers/multi-effects/stomps etc etc
    i would say get a 2nd Kemper if you can afford it then you will get continuation of your tone.

  • Thanks for the input! I currently have a mesa boogie dual rectifier as a backup. I am however trying to sell it to help fund the second Kemper. Having the same tones no matter what happened would be great since we use in ears. On dates when we are only gone for a weekend I wouldn't be that concerned but when we are out 15 days or more at a time is when I get nervous lol.

  • I brought a second one basically I got fed up unplugging it from my studio every weekend for gigs plus I knew a second one would come in handy for a backup. In around a month I be using my backup as my studio one has got to go back to kemper for the LED light failure. If you can afford a second one I would say its a smart move. I know for a fact I wouldn't want to gig or record with anything other than the kemper !!!

  • Obviously if money was not an issue then by all means get another. I think getting an unpowered used toaster and a power amp source would be cheaper and likely wiser if you are trying to save any money.

    Some of my buddies are using the new modelers as backups (the new Flyrig is a great example for a budget wise setup).

    I think less is more here........

  • Yes, i agree to Clutterbilly,
    if you earn not enough money with your gigs, they may be not that professional than our chart-stars. So in case of damage you listeners wouldn't
    be dissapointed to hear a POD for example. In my case (when i will get my kemper) i will keep my HD500X as backup. For most gigs it will be
    good enaugh and it has some more advantages as the money. You can used it pretty good at home for exercising with its looper and pedal and stuff.
    And once again: It is only for just in case...
    May be (and i hope for you) you never need a backup.

  • Sometimes I think of getting a powered toaster as a backup/"light" rig. But then I think for that money another guitar would be nice as well... Anyways There is a thread about "emergency Rigs". That's what I am really looking for (at the moment)...

  • i have a hughes and kettner grandmaster tube head for backup on gigs. i used this before i got the kemper so i have all my sounds for my set list already programmed in. got tired of lugging my redplate magic dust head (which sounds awsome) and a 2x12 cab around.