Sonic Maximizer effect?

  • I love the sound of a BBE Sonic Maximizer in front of some of my amps for rhythm work. I know you can set EQ's and kind of get the same idea, but I love the 2 knob simplicity of the Sonix Max, and the usefulness of being able to tweak it easily and get some real heavy sounds out of it. It would be awesome if we could get a Maximizer effect for the Kemper! I always use mine in the effects loop, so probably in the X section is where it would work best I'd think.

  • Hey dude

    I use the sonic maximizer in the loop as well but I have a volume problem. I lose a lot of volume when I change preset and de BBE start to run.

    You had some kind of issues like that?

  • BBE is basically a couple of state-variable filters executing a micro phase shift (which acts as time re-alignment). This has been done in a plug-in - and it seriously opens up the Kemper's "feel"... day & night difference.

    If it could be done without patent violation, or if it could be licensed... I would love it! Saves me a rack space...

    The BBE is not coming out of the signal path...