2nd Echo for Hank Marvin Shadows patch building

  • Well - its so obvious that EVERYONE wants a second delay - so why are you not doing it Christoph? Is it just that you cant be bothered? or are you waiting to blow our minds with something new? I fear the 1st. Zoom have just brought out a simple stomp pedal that does 6 effects at once - its £85 - so why cant you bang in a second delay stomp? I personally will not buy a Kemper until this is resolved - I feel that you are NOT listening to the peoples requests and I personally find the whole situation unacceptable for a supposed ultimate guitar rig. You are pissing people off mate -get it sorted - we all plead with you.

  • Dear Steve.....first of all I don't mean to be rude or else. in anticipation I care to say that my words have no intention of harm.

    this said, if you ain't buying the kemper due to the lack of a second delay this sounds to me that you didn't understand the meaning of the kemper.

    the kemper is primarily a guitar (and bass) sound maker while the rest, stomps and things, are a satellite tool. if the kemper was considered as a soup of everything possible, then it woulnd't had been considered as a professional amp.

    the kemper team don't need my defence, but i guess what they cared about was to provide an amp that could deliver a professional sound, possibly affordable.

    a delay, a chorus, and on, are only as the word is suggesting: effects.....nothing else which are, most of all, interchangeable and replaceable. on the other hand the sound or a timbre cannot be substituted when that sound copes with the player need.

    dig my point?

    to be honest, but I speak for myself, I wouldnt' like the kemper to be filled as much as possible with stuff. maybe it is because I'm a pro player and think I'm having a pro tool. thus I feel if the team copes with everything that the people are asking it'll become a toy instead of a pro tool. but that's my point of view......


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  • I to would hate the KPA to become a gadgety filled toy ..I to am a pro player and bought it primarily for it's ability to profile amps and this it does brilliantly of course ...but and in my opinion it's a BIG but ...a delay pedal effect is a massive loss to me and as it is mentioned in the manual that comes with it well ....it kind of bugs me ...add to this the fact that a looper function has been added before a stomp delay ? which is more toy like ?
    We want a stomp delay come on CK ...please ??? I love love love my KPA abd the fact that I don't have to carry anything else but that and a remote ....but I miss the delay before the amp I really do :-(

  • @michaelmellner - I get your point - but when reading the reference manual I quite often get the feeling that the KPA developers are very proud of their unique and professional effects. The delay options simply don't fit in that picture.

    why you say that? I mean the delay I have used in my record have been envyed by most of the studio owners that have listened to it. I have used only kpa delay most of the time used while recording. check for example my soundcloud (in my signaure) and listen to the first track called Joshua. there you can find an example of kemper delay. it might be my opinion but I don't think this delay has something less than a pro delay has.

    of course: it doesn't have many fx combination, i.e. multiple delays. but the quality is right on

    "...why being satisfied with an amp, as great as it can be, while you can have them all?" michael mellner

    "Rock in Ecclesia" - new album on iTunes or Google music

  • I wrote the following in a couple of threads several months ago (again at the risk of repeating myself - pun...)

    Hank B Marvin (complex multi head delays)

    I enjoy playing and performing Shadows instrumentals. A Stratocaster bridge pickup into a clean AC30 is spot on but I cannot get the complex multi tap delays from the KPA that create the Hank B Marvin signature sounds except the simplest (Apache), but the multiple tap of "Wonderful Land" cannot be realistically achieved with the KPA.

    Has anyone achieved delay setting of this type using only the KPA effects? I suspect not.

    I really need a vintage multi head delay effect to achieve this sound signature eg Binson, Meazzi Echomatic, Watkins Copycat, Vox Long Tom, Roland Space Echo.

    I know I can hook a pedal into the effects loop, but that is more gear and more cost for an effect which the KPA really should really be able to deliver.

    Even the much maligned HD500 has a 4 head delay effect which could be used in 2 slots in series or in parallel to achieve the equivalent of 8 heads and complex delay patterns. I am very disappointed with this aspect of the KPA.


  • You can make the tap delay sound as a multi tap delay. try this:

    Page1/3: Tap DelayMix = 96.2% Clock Left =3/16 (8th dot ) Clock Right = 8/16 (half ) Feedback =16.9%
    Page 2/3 Bandwith = 0 Centre Freq =+0.4 Modulation = 2.8 Ducking = +0.7
    Page 3/3 Volume = +3.0