• Two very nice Fender BluesDeVille profiles showed up today by Roberto. I really like them! I don't understand why all the EQ's are cranked 100% right but it sounds good anyway. Check them out on the Xchange. I prefer #2.

  • I'm glad that you like them. I hope to remake other profiles of the amp in the next days with the possibility to raise the volume of the amp since it was done at a very low volume and the amp hasn't really pulled out his tone. Secondly I would like to profile the bogner red pedal too.
    If I could get those same tone I recorded here with the actual amp and pedal I could even get rid of them. Kemper is a wonderful tool
    p.s: well I don't know exactly why I raised the eq all the way up, maybe because I thought that by doing so the sound of the amp would come out more. Phereps is only a psycological thing with the raising of the perceived volume

  • Finally I did some quick profiles with the bogner pedal in the blues de ville, you can find them on the rig exchange and I uploaded a clean profile of the amp without my tweaking. I'm not yet satisfied of the clean profile and clean profiles in general, to me there is always some important things that get lost: something in the low end region and some twangy,ringing stuff in the high that has a wonderful impact on the touch of the player. They seems only a DI signal well equalized isn't it?