Recommended / flat-response / non-colouring MONITORING units passive/active... Preferences?

  • Would be nice! But they are too pricey and basically never appear on the second-hand market in the UK....!

    Hi nEVH5150,

    So, if you are looking for a "decent" powered (active) monitor for your KPA, and price is an object, then you might want to look at the Alto TS110A. It sells for 209 GBP at Anderton's.:…ve-10-inch-pa-speaker.asp

    However, I would recommend you bite the bullet, and spring for the Yamaha DXR10. Yes, it is 2 times the cost of the Alto, but it is superior in every respect, and represents incredible bang for the buck.:…wered-1x10-pa-speaker.asp

  • LEANING towards the Yammy DXR 12 currently (as I've read from multiple sources you get better FR from a 12" speaker than a 10" ...)

    Though, does anyone know how the Mackie's stack up against this ? For example, there's this; the "thump 12" reasonably priced new...…72432?hash=item19fcc3cb70

    Then there's the Mackie SRM350 / 450 range (mk1, 2 and now 3...)


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  • Did you mean DXR and DSR and found the DXR to be superior... ? haha

    I have not just compared, but also used the 12" version of DBR, DRX, and DSR live, as well as the DXR10. The following is my opinion of each:

    The DSR112 is the most powerful, by some margin, and the best sounding speaker provided that it is upright in a stack or on a pole. I find it to be to boomy as a wedge. The HPF-filter is for use with a sub and cuts off too much of the lows for it to work as a replacement for the monitor-preset in the DXR-series DSP. The DSR112 can be an excellent wedge, but only if it is fed via a mixing console with multiband or parametric EQ on the monitor output to help shape the low end.

    The DXR12 is decent all-round, but the DXR10 is IMO even better for guitar-centric applications unless your style require a very powerful low end.

    The DBR ... well forget it. I'd rather have JBL EONs. My cheap Behringer F1320D sounds better than the DBR12 at less than half the price.

    My favourite monitor is the Nexo 45N-12, but it is heavy (24kg), hard to find and very expensive (€3000++). Close seconds are the Atomic CLR and my current monitor, Dynacord AXM 12A, which I find fairly equal (sound and price).

  • I may need the option of low end at times...!

    Why does the DXR10 beat the DXR12 ?

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