• as stated above, I did not receive a cable or manual, I picked up a cable this weekend , but don't know how to setup the remote for my use , I tried doing a google search, the only thing I found was how to save a fx, any help would be much appreciated, roger

  • thanks for the replies guys, but for some reason , my pc won't download the manual , just freezes up , slow bad connection I guess, good news is Kemper sent email stating they are going to send a cable & manual, in the meantime, I would really like to set up the remote with at least 2 - 3 profiles, can some one PLEASE tell me how to do it ? & yes , I have tried to google looking for info..thanks , roger

  • Hello Roger,

    for easy set up switch to Performance Mode, populate the slots with the Rigs you want to use by selecting them with the BROWSE knob. Press EXIT when you have chosen the Rig you want to use in the Slot. Store the Performance, keep in mind that any changes will be discarded when you switch to another Performance manually or using the Remote without storing it first. Refer to the Profiler Reference Manual 3.0 for details. It also contains a chapter regarding the Remote.

    From the Remote Quick Guide:

    Effect buttons I-IIII

    These four buttons can be freely assigned to switch stomps and effects on/off. They can also be used to toggle
    features in certain effects. Their respective assignments are stored per Rig. Each button can be assigned to sev-
    eral stomps and effects, if you wish.

    The first and second assignments are indicated by the four LEDs around each effect button. The color LEDs in
    the upper row reflect the category of stomp/effect, just like the color LEDs on the Profiler’s front panel. They re-
    main unlit, if no effect has been assigned. The LEDs in the lower row indicate whether the respective effect is on
    or off, just like the corresponding stomp and effect buttons on the Profiler’s panel. If three or more effects are as-
    signed to the same Effect Button within a particular Rig, only the first two effects are visualized by these LEDs.

    Assigning switching functions to the Effect Buttons is simple: just press and hold an Effect Button and press
    the desired Module Button, e.g. STOMP A, on the Profiler’s front panel at the same time. Done! It also works the
    other way round: press and hold the Module Button on the Profiler first, then step on the desired Effect Button
    afterwards. The upper left LED of the Effect Button should now reflect the category color of the effect you as-
    signed. Now, you can activate or bypass the selected effect by stepping on the button on your Remote. To undo
    a current assignment, simply perform the same assignment procedure again. To add a second assignment, just
    repeat the process with another stomp or effect on the Front Panel. You will notice the upper right LED now in-
    dicating the color of the second Effect Type. Multiple assignments can be done this way. Don’t forget to store the
    Rig, once you are happy with the assignments and the current on/off states. Whenever you load this Rig later, the
    assignments and the on/off states are recalled just as they were when you stored them. A list of your current as-
    signments gets displayed on the screen so that you don’t lose oversight. On this screen you can also immediately
    delete assignments without having to repeat the whole assignment process.

    Here is an example: imagine you have a distortion in Stomp B, a chorus effect in Effect Modulation, and you want
    to assign both to Effect Button I. Both effects are active at the moment. Press and hold Effect Button I, and press
    the Module Button of Stomp B on the front panel. The upper-left LED of Effect Button I turns red to indicate the
    Distortion Type, and the lower-left LED turns white to show that the effect is active. Now, press and hold Effect
    Button I again, and press the MOD Button on the Profiler’s front panel. The upper-right LED of Effect Button I
    turns blue, reflecting the Chorus Type, and the lower-right LED turns white to show that the effect is active. Now,
    when you step on Effect Button I, both effects will turn on/off simultaneously. These assignments will be lost, if
    you don’t store the current Rig before you load another one.

    Now for another feature, based on the very same assignments: press the Module Button of the distortion stomp.
    It will change its status, while the status of the chorus remains unchanged. Now, when you step on Effect Button
    I, the status of both effects are swapped, and the white LEDs will reflect this accordingly.

    ✔✔By setting the individual status of the Module Buttons that have been assigned to an Effect Button on the
    Remote, you can create individual scenes of effects that are stored and recalled with the Rig.

    In the event that your stage is so huge that your Profiler is miles away from the Remote, you will not be able to
    reach both at the same time. In this case, enter the configuration page in the Rig Menu, select a Stomp or Effect
    Module and use the four soft buttons on that page to complete the assignment. Besides toggling the status of
    stomps and effects, each of the Effect Buttons can also be used to trigger so-called “Action & Freeze” functions,
    for instance “Rotary Speaker (slow/fast)”.

    ✔✔On/off switching cannot be combined with “Action & Freeze” for the same button.