New KPA owner

  • Hi All, after years of trying to find my tone (or more to the point the one in my head as apposed to the ones my fingers keep churning out!). I went from ADA in the 90's-2000's, to Eleven Rack, to a modded Ceriatone 50w AFD amp, back to Eleven Rack and now finally here to KPA. I've only had it a couple weeks so still going through the figuring out, trying profiles both free & purchased, and finding what will work for my cover band, which covers a lot of ground. So far it's been going "ok". I'm trying to be patient because it's not where I want it to be but I got it out live last week, so I'm at least at the stage of leaving the Eleven rack at home(actually in the back of the car for backup lol). Only using one amp type atm, to go from clean/funky tones, to Crunch, to Rock, and obviously Lead. I won't say which company I purchased the rigs I'm using as I will contact them directly (I think that is only fair), but I'm using an amp that I know sounds great in the room (with my hands and fingers!!), and also in clips on the tube, but I'm getting a fizzy, kinda strange version of it. I'm stubborn as I want it to work and I know other people have had success with this profile from same vendor, but I know people have said these same things from the same profile. Any suggestions would help, Amp Definition not really taking out enough of the angry fizz I'm talking about. It's still good, but I want it to be great!! Any suggestions would be great. I know all about the "cabs off" for poweramp+cab, and also the cabs on for powered speakers. In actual fact it sounds great with Cabs off thru my Crate Power block into a Blackstar 2 x12 with Celestian 70/80, but doesn't sound great through a $1200 QSC powered speaker which would be closer to what the FOH would get. :thumbsup:

  • Welcome for sure!! As to the realm of fizzy there have been quite a few threads about that with other new members. I'm sure with all the help around here that you'll get it sorted out. Believe me that KPA has to have your tone in there somewhere. Try searching on just that word "fizzy" cause I have read in the past numerous times.

  • Hi guys, thanks for making me feel so welcome! I've been on these forums watching from afar for some time now & must say awesome bunch of guys! I'll try & address each question.
    1. Zappledan, the music we play is pop from 80's to current, sprinkled with rock from same period. The tone I'm trying to get is a big variety but probably want to get it down to 10 patches. I like what Justin Derrico does with Pink, he rocks when required but covers all the other stuff really well. I probably go a bit heavier than him because I'm still an 80's headbanger at heart :D
    2. Zapman, I have been reading all the posts regarding the Fizzy phenomena here (and elsewhere). It's probably me with the Munson-fletcher thingy, because when I'm at home playing through the said amp, it sounds ok but when I go to say, an mbritt profile, then go back it really stands out!
    3. londonjeepster, yes I know I should be,but my current band & venues I play kind of don't allow. No rehearsing these days in cover bands it seems to be a dirty word. And the venues give you a 20 second line check & that's it. Rest of the night I'm using IEM. Plus the dreaded tinnitus stops me from standing in front of my amp at stage volume for too long :( .
    4. Eltze the only thing I have for recording believe it or not is an iPhone! Lol. And that will not do it justice.There have been other posts regarding this particular profile (& some others) & the fizzy thingy so I know it's not just me.
    i know I'm being stubborn because there are so many profiles, but I have played through the real amp, and it's just that fat jmp/with modern slant & I gassed for this amp for a long time before pulling the trigger on the Kemper. It "Has" to work lol!!!!

    Do you guys recommend changing the cab on a profile when it has been profiled that way (with amp & cab already)& not the newer "merged" profiles? Has anyone had success creating a great/usable profile changing the Cab of a pre-existing complete profile? I think what it is , is the mic used in that profile. You know for example when someone profiles an amp at one setting with 4 different mic's, I usually only like 1 of the 4, the others always sound, crap/fizzy/muffled etc. it might be my ears & taste but hey, it's only me I'm trying to please right now! Cheers

  • Having owned the Kemper and supplied pro guitarists with Kempers since 2011 it appears to me that the consensus of the pro guitarists is...the Michael Britt Profiles are the best Profiles for a live situation.

    If you scroll through dozens of Profiles and then come upon some M.Britt Profiles the first thing you notice is how much less treble and presence they have, they almost sound "dull" through studio monitors and "FRFR" in comparison to the vast majority of other Profiles.
    But, turn them up loud in a live situation and the treble and presence frequencies sound sweet with no "fizz" or harshness.

    Which leads me to conclude, IMO, :), many other Profile makers are setting their tube amps too bright with too much treble and presence because they're not anticipating how they would setup the same tube amp in a live situation at loud volume.

    Just a thought.

  • A tip of user sinmix changed my style of tweaking. Dont touch the main eq in a good rig, it is profiled well and to much teble and presence make them sound like a knife. I tryed it, somtetimes i change the cab, because it also depends on it. I have saved 10 good cabs and the free cab pack from Till Schleicher. My main cabs are the 1960, the hesu and the rectifier cabs from deadlight studios and the cabs from sinmix. I have found an exellent working profile from sinmix for me. Its a very warm but also heavy profile from a bugera 333 xl. Its an awesome amp, sounds very good also with different cabs. I dont have to tweak the eq, just add a little reverb and a 3 times echo and you have a classic 80's lead sound. A little air chorus on it and eddie van halen is in the house. Post to him, i think he will send an example profile to test for free if you ask. With this profile i think you have one of your 10 ( if you need 10 when its ok for you).
    For my cleans i use a clean and warm boogie from thumas and djemas, also a fender 65 from top jimi. I play them with a petrucci bfr, Jems and les pauls.