Tills Free Cab pack

  • Can anyone please advise (perhaps even Till), I can't get Tills free cabs. When you fill out the form at checkout, it requires a birthdate but it doesn't tell you the format? I've tried all the standard ones, dd/mm/yy & dd/mm/yyyy, and others but no dice. Not sure if it's my version of windows(7 professional), but I can't even find the "contact" info on his website ?? ?(

  • Unfortunately that field was the proverbial straw and simply beyond the pale for me, so I've missed out.

    I fail to understand why it should (it isn't) be necessary to give someone your birthday for something like this, and indeed, for almost any reason, really. In fact, I see it as an abuse of privilege and goodwill. If it were me, I'd feel bad enough asking for the other info, let alone that.

    There. I got that off my chest. Sorry. Carry on...