Create controlled feedback without stage monitor

  • I tested yesterday and it seems to be a good solution if you Must record feedbacks but You can't have a Loud situation.


    a bit Off Topic but I would like to add that in general when I need to record feedback I use a real amp, a mini full stack: 2 2x12.

    That's the most natural situation, and It's the way I can control it the best, ... it's Very Loud but it works fine.

    I've also got some good results using studio Monitors cranked up, it's ok but not so easy (to me) to get it start and to control it. of course thay have to be loud as well so.. in the end I prefer to run a real amp.

    For this last option (Studio Monitors cranked up) I also find that it's good/better if you play a profile that has been created spending some time getting some larsen during the Refine process.

    When you need it, it will starts before and at a lower volume. iI seems to start and react more easily.