'54 Fender Princeton - just a 6.5" speaker, but what a powerful tone !!!

  • I love the Kemper, it offers so many amps and all in authentic quality. The Kemper feels and sounds like a "real" tube-amp.

    Here's a little track I produced with just one profile from soundside.de:

    Burning Guitars (Guenter Haas)

    It's from a wonderful old '54 Fender Princeton, a small amp with just a 6.5" Vintage Jensen speaker, but what a great and powerful tone. It's the original profile (FP54 M03 Strat Max), no eq and no tweaking, just a little bit of reverb and delay (lead-guitar) from Cubase Pro.

    Guenter Haas: guitars, bass + drum programming

    Guitars used: '54 Fender Tele Blackguard (rhythm) + Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul '59 reissue (lead-guitar)