Looking (still) for a good foot remote controller

  • Great information, thanks...
    Very cool, if L6 makes the bidirectionnal possible.

    The onlydrawback I see, is the HD500 is not "true bypass"... so if I use or not the LOOPER, i will have to alter the Tone of the Kemper sound, for all songs.
    If I never user the L6 Looper, no problem, because no guitar signal would go thru the L6 (only the Midi).

    otherwise, I can do that :
    - when I play a song without LOOPER, my guitar signal go direclty in the Kemper
    - when I play a song with LOOPER, I plug my guitar in L6, and plug the l6 out to the Kemper
    but not very confortable configuration...

  • You can set it up so it is true bypass and still use the dummy stomps on the l6 so you get the lights to work correctly. Just put the looper in its "pre" position. Ive done it myself in "a b" comparison and it doesnt color my kemper tone.

  • Hum, a big drawback I see (for me) is the fact that the hd500 has only 16 banks and 4 channels per bank...
    I like the 5 slots abilities on the KemperWith my old Boss Gt5 it's pretty confortable to have 4 groups of 5 banks of 5 slots, that gives me 20 performances (and 5 slots for each)...
    That is cool even if the HD500 has a lot of avantages over the Gt5...
    I think, it's problem for me...

  • I'd say a used PodHD500 would be a good solution. The older one would be cheaper and could be had cheap used on Ebay The PodHD500X is essentially the same thing, but newer with a few extra models I think and a bit more processing. I had the regular and older HD and it always had plenty of Processing. Anyhow, there is nothing that comes close to the price range of the Behringer with Eureka or Uno4Kemper chip, which has a lot of functionality and tuner display. All other versatile Midi boards are at least 400, in which case I'd just hold out until you can afford the Kemper remote. With the PodHD, you get useful midi control, have a back up to your Kemper, and access all of the Line 6 effects, many of which are quite useful and cover things that the Kemper doesn't yet have. I keep a line6 m5 in my loop for that reason, which has the same effects. The Pod also has a built in looper. You can get them used for around $250 on eBay.

  • Firstly - for the record I have nothing at all do do with this company other than being a very satisfied customer.

    Secondly, my apologies if this has already been mentioned.

    So here goes.


    - built like a tank
    - great [smallish] footprint especially given it has 12 switches
    - 12 fully assignable / customizable buttons for any MIDI functions for any number/combination of PC, CC, TAP etc..... you want.
    - bi-directional midi
    - brilliant display of the Kemper Tuner - simpler / better for stage use than the onboard KPA display
    - displays actual KPA RIg Browse names [ up to 14 or 15 characters ] - not Performances (yet)
    - Multiple expression pedal inputs
    - Sergey - its designer and builder is AWESOME to deal with
    - easy menu program to navigate
    - numerous other features - download the .PDF manual
    - $265 $US plus shipping

    As long as you don't want or have to have the expression pedal physically-built-in-on-the-board itself there is no other better MIDI FSW for the Kemper [or the Axe] at even twice this price point ..... anywhere ......period.

    Been using it live for 2 months and I can't tell you haw many people have asked where can I get one.

    Seriously buy it - you wont regret it.


    PS: Did I mention that you should buy it. !! :) :) :)

  • Ben that does look nice and I probably would have bought this before my last fcb mod for sure. Question . Does this have modes or can it be programmed to like I get with my eureka prom enabled fcb ? In other words will it change from switching bank presets to an effects mode, an effects mode hybrid with 5 rigs and effects, or an all favorites mode or example.

  • Hi tntent / all

    Easiest way for me to explain is with a pic of how I run mine.

    See image immediately below

    [Blocked Image: http://i1152.photobucket.com/albums/p482/gtrotunno/TB12_zpslukb610m.jpg]

    In short

    - all 12 buttons are globally* individually configured to do any / anything you want or need...... ie: whatever combination of Program Change [PC], Effects ON/OFF [ IA ] also known as CC [ unit has 3 different types of CC to chose from to ensure you are covered ], Bank Up, Down, Tap etc......so .....

    - you can have 12 x PC or 12 x IA or 3 x PC + 9x IA or 8 x IA and 4 x PC etc..... with or without Bank + or - with or without Tap etc.......
    - there are 30 Banks that can be individually be named
    - you don't need a dedicated Tuner Button as there is a menu item to long-press *any* button and it will automatically mute and display the KPA tuner and then you simply hit any other button to un-mute and go to that sound instantly - and the long-press is user settable anywhere form 600ms [ 0.6s ] to 2000ms [2.0s] ....... absolute genius !!!
    - displays KPA LCD Screen Browse Names up to 14/15 character [ not Performance mode yet ]

    * - as the 12 Buttons are globally configured, when you go from Bank + to Bank - the actual individual buttons configurations remain the same ..... for example..... if you configure say Buttons 7 to be an IA button and Buttons 11 and 12 to be Bank + and - buttons ..... these buttons will retain this global functionality as you move f rom Bank to Bank ...... this makes moving from Bank to Bank very easy and consistent

    Seriously, for the money, there is NOTHING that even comes close to this for even 2 x the price.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks Ben, it looks great...
    the only missing for me will the looper... that why, i was hesitating between the HD500 and the Kemper Remote.

    Concerning the Kemper Remote, apart the high price and the fact it is not a midi pedalboard, do you see others drawbacks ?

  • Hey cedico

    BJ $265 pp
    KPR $599 pp

    If a looper is a must / definite& the double-the-price is not an issue, definitely get the KPR :)

    I play guitar-based rock / modern rock ..... so for me ..... a looper is fun to play with at home and noodle around with ..... but its just not something that would even be on my " top 10 " list of things I need for a rig for me for recording, rehearsals and live.

    Im very much an old-school-dinosaur when it comes to this sort of thing.

    But as I say, if cost is not an issue and you actually really definlty need a looper, I wouldn't hesitate with the KPR - like the KPA, it seems awesomely built and exquisitely implemented.


  • HI Gents,
    my name is Sergey. I'm software developer in BJ Devices. We have added new feature in latest firmware version (2.4pb) - NRPN midi messages, so customers able to control looper, but with no back pressure(you can not see looper status). see short manual

    Best Regards
    Sergey Burenkov
    +7 903 580 02 86
    Find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/bjdevices
    Find us on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/bjdevices

  • Thanks Sergey for this information... but I choose at last, to buy the Kemper Remote...

    Sorry I was late to add my thoughts, so I'll add them for anyone else who may want more info on using the HD500 as a MIDI controller. I made a video to show how I use it and also a link to download the HD500 Preset & Setlist is in the YouTube video description:

    Hope you enjoy your Remote!

    - Art