Monitoring on stage via headphone output

  • Hi all,

    I've been invited to join a band tomorrow night for the first time ever and am thinking of taking my kemper. They have a PA so I imagine I can take my main stereo outs and plug into that. My next problem is how to do on stage monitoring as they do not have foldback monitors (it's in somebody's back garden).

    Would it work if I take my powered stereo amp and then connect a TRS from the headphone output into my speakers?

    i.e. can I get sound to come out of the headphone output and the main outputs simultaneously?

    Any tips on a really simple way of working volume levels etc.? I often have problems at home with rigs being different volumes.

    Thanks in advance.

  • To answer your question...late. Yes, you can have main out, monitor out and headphone out. I have the volume linked to the monitor out/headphone out so I can adjust my stage volume separate from the main. The rig volumes are something you would have to set before so you can crank it up and set them level or as you'd like.