Recording:KPA & Channel strips

  • I have some (still boxed since I moved a year ago) recording stuff:UA-2610,Avalon 737,SPL-channel one(old version) with which I feed two Ramsa DA-7(with three adat cards-24 channels/Hammerfall) into a MAC/Logic.

    Question;What do you guys think;Besides the good old micing up my tube amps into the channel strips (I have a Steavens Poundcake MK1A,Dual Rectifier(Revision F) a Marshall JCM800/2204 from 1981 and a Peavey classic 50s-410)..has anyone here tried to use the Kemper running straight into a channel strip-DAW-system;

    I think about to try this;Kemper(Main outs)-UA2610-DAW.

    Has anyonme tried something similiar;What would be the best KPA-configuration( I have the KPA-rack,unpowered version FW-2.7) to try this;

    Thanx in advance.

  • Yes ofcourse Ingolf.

    This is what I will do also most of the time.

    But I would like to try also to add to some (very few) profiles some more "tube saturation",more warmth.In the end at least the studio-profiles are miced amplifiers.So this could make sense;I dont know..need food for thought.. ;)

    Therefore I would like to know if anyone has tried that at what results.

  • Yes,I know.Sorry for my bad english.I also did not spent more time to explain.

    So in short;Loading down from the "rig-exchange" and adding more "warmth" or "headroom" to the profiles before sending them to the DAW;Does this make sense;

  • You could certainly do stuff like that! However, remember that some profiles may already have been run through similar channel strips, essentially you might double up on the sonic characteristics from that. In the end, all that matters is: does it sound good (especially in the context of the full mix, of course)! Don't be afraid of experimenting.

  • Nothing wrong with the idea!

    you could do this:

    create a a new profile of any of your amps w/cab, mic pre and mic of your choice. Then use that sound or profile to record directly into your interface and then logic.

    add the mic pre after the profiler... Guitar ->Profiler->mic pre-> interface-> Logic

    Should be cool either way with interesting tones. Share some of your recordings:)

    good luck!

  • Hi Michael,

    Agree.Most "professional" profiles (from TAF,M-Britt and all the other guys) are certainly recorded with high-end channel strips/consoles.

    But there some very good profiles out there where I automatically thought like " sound,but it needs some refreshment here and there".Stuff like that.Specially with some more ultra clean sounds.

    If anyone has tried something like this I would like to know.All hints and thoughts on this matter are very welcomed.Thanks so far.

  • Ah ok, now I got you. :)
    Yes, you can do it either way.
    There are a lot of profiles around that are very raw and can use the normal console treatment you give recorded amps.
    @and44 from the ampfactory has a few out that are fully treated with console colouration and outboard compression which are very good. Look at his studio pack. I'm even using one of his Soldano profiles from that pack as my go-to lead patch when playing live.

  • There really is no limitation to the profile or what you profile. - Ive done some crazy things, crazy chains and it sill just works.. - most of the time when you "crazy" stuff its very track dependent. but it sure can be a lot of fun.

    Sometimes just amp+mics is not enough, and you need to engage the crazy thinking man's soup!.

    Your limitation is the things you don't have!...basically put!.

  • @and44

    THanx my friend.This is my thinking too.Are there any channel strips/Mic-Pre´s you would recommend for the "crazy stuff";

    Till yet I recorded my amps mostly with the universal audio 2-610 (with the "usua"l SM57/AKG414/R121 mics).I use ONLY my Orange 4x12 which is my "secret weapon".An 70s vintage monster with 25w blackbacks.

    But as you said.One must try new ways.The KPA opens nice,new paths.