Can't seem to get Rig exchange to work

  • I am hooked up thru the usb cable , but I can only see all 4242 profiles, local library=0 my profiler =0 I had my buddy hook every thing up & it was working a few months ago, & it showed my profiles, , but now I can not seem to get it working , I am using the same usb cable that was used last Time , I really want to install Tim Owens HBE profiles, & DELETE a bunch of profiles I don't use or want, , I work 16 hr day 6 days a week , & really don't have the time to really play let alone have time to figure out the process , any help is much appreciated, PS I get access denied, thanks , roger UPDATE-- I registered as New , now I can get Access ok, but still don't see any of my profiles or any ways to use R manager or access to use..