Stomp Delay Before Stack Section????

  • :D

    I'd say this depends on how you use the fx section...

    I am a simple guy when it comes to sound, and I have always found the current delay implementation to be sufficient for my music. I must say I'm quite intrigued by the morphing :)

    Of course, when you have something you start using it and discover new things, so I'll welcome the new delays as well :)

    But I'm pretty sure you're right :D

  • I feel for the guy who has the task of creating a bunch of new delays with all the bells and whistles I see asked in some threads.

    How about a simple ''set and forget'' 4 knob delay in the stomp section to start with? (feedback, time, mix, tone). No need to have it respond to expression pedals and tap tempo or make it compatible with Google map or anything like that.

    Simple delay. Doesn't even have to respond to the dedicated knobs of mix and feedback if that's an issue. Mostly used for slap back & thickening anyway. All those complex multi-tap-dotted-8ths are fine (and sound better) after the amp anyway.

    I beg for a simple delay fast rather than wait-a-while for a ''blow your mind delay''.

    Thank you for your hard work and putting out a great product. This thing is amazing.

  • Google maps compatability is very important! LOL

  • Man, this is what I hate about the Kemper. They're all about the Google Maps and the Bing Pong, but why is there never any love for the boutique, vintage stuff, like the Altavista Digital?

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