Top Jimi: '68 Marshall Super Lead Version 2

  • Been meaning to pick these up since you announced you're gonna do merged profiles as well.
    I'm primarily a hi gain guy, though the older I get all the bluesy stuff I was exposed to as a child comes out more haha

    Overall I like this pack, it's a bit to dull for my tastes. I had welcomed a bit brighter mic positions overall, but I guess it works really well with a strat style guitar (don't own one, so I can't tell). Still really liking it, cause they are tweakable really well to be a bit brighter! Really like both cabs too.

    Another reason I like to pick up DI packs of older marshalls, is to use them for more heavy stuff with different cabs and boosts.
    I picked up the one or other pack for that purpose (2203 mainly among a few others), but didn't really seem to dig the settings used on the amps in those packs.
    Loving the results I get with yours with that process!

    The only other one I like this much is the tonehammer dsl, and that's a bit of a different beast than this one.

    Long story short: awesome work!

  • I also went ahead and purchased this pack. I have to say these are excellent profiles - they really nail the Plexi tone!

    However, I also notice a big difference between Merged and Studio profiles. This is really strange, as whenever I create my own Merged profiles, the tone is identical to the Studio profile.

    Studio profile sounds better to me. Also, the monitor out direct sound is not exactly what I would expect - something strange going on in the high frequencies. This is a little disappointing, as I can't confidently use these profiles in my "monitor to real cab + main out to FOH" setup, and it makes me suspect that Top Jimi is doing something wrong when creating Merged profiles.


  • I think Jimi uses a DI box without the cab attached when doing the DI profiles, which would explain this difference.

  • We had an issue with the merged profiles in this pack. The direct output sounded very dull, not like the studio output. No idea how this happened!

    This issue has now been corrected. Everyone who purchased the profiles has been emailed a new set of profiles.

    Sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience our error may have caused.


    For the record, we do have a cabinet connected to the amp when making merged profiles.

  • Hmm... Everyone should have received an email from me a couple weeks ago. The email addresses I have are usually the one associated with your paypal account. Some folks don't use that address very often.

    If you can send an email to [email protected] with your receipt for the purchase, I'll send you the fixed profiles.

    Sorry again for the issue.


  • I was just about to write but then I noticed that the pack was in my Paypal -email.

    Thank you for correcting those merged profiles!