Public Beta 3.1.0

  • This! What is nasty solo can be the deciding element to make the guitar stand out in a musical environment.
    Let's see how this all develops.

    The great thing about Christoph Kemper and his team is the fact that they give us the choice. In other words, this ultimately becomes a moot point. You can toggle on or toggle off the "Pure Cab" feature.

    If you don't like Pure disable the parameter, and your KPA rigs return to their "default" tones that you know and love, and you have already tweaked for your particular set-up / monitor.

    If you like the Pure enable the parameter, and your FRFR monitor suddenly becomes like a traditional guitar cabinet, with that "amp-in-the-room" presence.

    Or, if you find you like a balance, you can set the adjust the intensity of the effect to an intermediate range of values.

    It is a WIN - WIN situation, here. I see no drawbacks, since simply deactivating the Pure Cabinet returns the KPA to the "default" virtual cabinet response.

    I absolutely love the degree of choice and flexibility that the KPA gives to the owner. Nothing is being forced down our throats, here.

    P.S. -- I know you all realize this already...but it is worthy of re-emphasis, IMHO. :thumbsup:

  • Another small test:

    For it is ok with this style of playing but with real precise picking things were a little mussy/muddy.

    Did you turn off the PureCab at 8sec? It sounds a tad harsher from that point ;)

    My biggest fear is when I die my wife will sell my guitars for what I told her they cost.

  • Had a chance to play with it for a couple of hours today,it's good fun, somehow it removes mic from the equation (to variable extent, depending on the rig), which, in some cases is kind of uncanny. Not sure I'd record with it on, though, to me it sound slike there is some sort of multiband compression going in highs/mids, making the sound more in my face.
    I'd like this option to be applied to certain outputs only.

  • The release notes say:


    added: symbols on Play Pages indicate receiving MIDI commands as well as activation of bi-directional MIDI-protocol

    Does anyone know where those 'play pages' are?

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  • First part was without Pure Cab. Second half was with it active at 4.5.

    Well, then for this kind of sound, Pure Cabinet doesn't do any good to the sound - but that was part of the description of the addendum: For metal-ish kind of tones, you would probably go for low settings (or leave it alone entirely). But who am I to judge? I have no idea about this genre and what is perceived as a sonic-aesthetic statement in that genre.
    I have found with more mid gain tones that with Pure Cabinet active it is nice to add some treble and presence in the tone stack. Maybe you could try that before you forget about Pure Cabinet entirely.

  • One more thing: At 10 seconds in there's this crackle another user has written about somewhere in this thread. It seems that turning Pure Cabinet on while playing causes this?! It's not easy to hear with that kind of sound - but I can hear it through my monitors here.

  • What a great day - I just upgrade my audio interface - my Kemper sounds a hell of a lot quieter and cleaner with the upgraded preamps in my focusrite over ancient roland ua-25. Then, the new firmware drops - for someone who is very attuned to fizz and unwanted high end - Pure Cab is PURE AWESOME. Genius, makes previously horrid profiles usable, and great profiles just amazing.

    And, a little goes a long way.

    *hats off to CK and the Team*

  • First part was without Pure Cab. Second half was with it active at 4.5.

    Thanks for clearing it up. But maaan, that second part sounds so much more fizzy and unpleasant to my ears. That seems to be the reason why Kemper isn't recommending PureCab for metal tones :rolleyes:

    My biggest fear is when I die my wife will sell my guitars for what I told her they cost.

  • Yeah , great effort from the Kemper team, I hope we can try it soon :) I understand why the team was so silent while we were on summer vacation ;)

    Thx a lot for getting the direct edit mode, It's cool to be heard and bye bye to Vetta/line6 editing mode lots of us hated.

    Thx also for the new FXs.

  • Is the new 'Pure Cab' issue different from the one that I've been using in Artist mode for quite a while ?

    There's no official statement about that. Given that the effect on the sound is in some cases rather subtle, it's impossible to say. My guess is that the algorithm has been adjusted and further improved over time - but as I said, it's just a guess.

  • The Artist mode one caused crackling with certain featuers enabled, changes to the cab settings etc. So I asume those have all been fixed.

    So far my experience has been that for dirty it can really help improve definition and remove the boxy fizz that you sometimes get, but for clean sounds it can sometimes make the sound less warm and more sterile. I do think it needs a little more tweaking or to have a per rig setting.