3.1.0 Beta ..... major tone /eq "bug" ..... DEFINETLY A BUG !!!

  • SEE 6th Post in this Thread for Bug Confirmation

    Hey all

    I'll keep this in point form:-

    - been running 3.0.2 since release - no issues
    - I have about 30 or so MBritt favorites with 3.0.2 - no issues
    - put 3.1.0PB on
    - went on fine - no issues
    - was testing 3.1.0PB Pure Cab with my ATH-M70x headphones as these are very flat and unforgiving - the Pure Cab "affect" was/is great
    - finally fired up my CLR Active Wedge to test at "real" volume / levels


    - Pure Cab OFF = the tone / eq / sound of all my Favorites was terrible - muffled, merky unclear, no body etc...
    - Pure Cab ON = the tone / eq / sound of all my Favorites was terrible - muffled, merky unclear, no body etc...
    - Pure Cab OFF or ON = the tone / eq / sound of all my Favorites was terrible - muffled, merky unclear, no body etc...
    - I triple checked all rig specifc and output settings with Pure Cab off / on - all were correct and as they should be


    - Put 3.0.2 FW Back on = ALL FIXED
    - Put 3.1.0 PB FW Back on = ALL TERRIBLE
    - Put 3.0.2 FW Back on AGAIN = ALL FIXED
    - Put 3.1.0 PB FW Back on AGAIN = ALL TERRIBLE
    - Now back to running 3.0.2 - 3.0.2 is all good [ but no Pure Cab of course ]

    Something very weird is going on with 3.1.0PB

    Anyone else had / have this ?


  • Someone posted in Ingolf's 3.1 thread that it seemed related to using a midi controller to select rigs in browse mode. Try using the arrow keys on the KPA and see if there's a difference. Also, he said performance mode was unaffected. Have you tried performance mode?

  • I did a show with it tonight and spent a lot more time than usual facing my dials I added treble and presence and it cleared up nicely for me, 3,1 seems punchier more in your face which I like I also added compression to my semi cleans, they seemed like they'd lost some life, also my higher gain patches were boomy on the low end, I'll have to find that freq and dial it out when I have some time.

    Overall I'm keeping 3.1, I'm loving Pure Cab and with a little work I can get it to sound great.


    Please see my OP in this thread for details.

    As suggested by sambrox I tested connecting and disconnecting my MIDI FSW [ BJ Devices TB-12 ] in Browse mode - he was right[/u] :)

    => 3.0.1PB + MIDI FSW Connected in Browse Mode = Rigs EQ / Tone goes to crap - murky, unclear, totally wrong

    => 3.0.1PB + MIDI FSW NOT Connected in Browse Mode = all good

    => repeated the above several times - %100 duplicated

    => Re-Booting makes no differnece

    Hope this can be fixed - not[/b] everyone ( :) ) uses or wants or needs to use Performance mode.


    PS:- Whilst I had my Atomic CLR Active Wedge and Kemper cranked nice and loud [ gig level ] and with my MIDI FSW dis-connected whilst in Browse mode, I took the time to fully test my MBritt rigs with Pure Cab - set to 5 ....... just utterly stunning ..... I didnt think his profiles could sound any better :) ...... no mic'd speaker nasty artifacts ..... no hash / boxiness / notchyness / ise-picky frequencies that are impossible to eq out ettc....... Pure Cab is a revelation ...... now just waiting for a MIDI-FSW-BROWSE-MODE-Fixed firware :)

  • We have released 3.1.1 Public Beta, which fixes another upgrade issue, but probably not this one: Users should upgrade to 3.1.1 Public Beta or if preparing for gigs or productions downgrade to 3.0.2 Release.

    So far it appears, this issue is triggered by MIDI program changes. Is anybody able to narrow in a bit further?

  • I'll do some testing after Sunday, have gigs Saturday and Sunday so want to stay on 3.0.2 for now.

    i did upgrade to 3.1 yesterday and this morning noticed the sounds were just a bit off. Reverted back to 3.0.2 before reading this thread but I was using browse mode with a foot controller.

    more to test.


  • I use MIDI program changes as well as SysEx with bi-directional comms (turning stomps on/off, activating tuner mode, activating the looper, switching up/down and messing with the clarity and direct mix settings), and everything is fine for me with the beta.

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  • Hi,

    I did that allready. reformat the USB stick, downloaded again the 3.1.1 OS but I get the same message again.
    luckily the KPA stayed on the 3.0.2 version .
    I have used a new USB stick also, format and reload but no result.

    I have never had this issue before.
    maybe I should wait until the final release cause i have gigs this week.