Glitch with midi slot setting in Performance mode

  • When I copy and paste a rig from one slot to a slot in another performance, sometimes the midi settings don't copy, sometimes they do. I have a eventide H9 and a line6 M5 in the effects loop and control them with midi messages set up in the slot settings.

    I use my profiler as follows: For most songs I need one or two rigs, that's it. I have about 8 performances worth of rigs (40 rigs or so) I have about 30 songs in my repertoire and typically use 5 songs for a set, as I lead worship at a church and we typically do five songs for the weekend services. In other words, I don't need a performance for each song, just one or two slots. Therefore, as we add new songs to our repertoire, I just add new rigs for these songs in the next available slot. However, before each weekend, I copy the rigs from their permanent location (currently in performances 5-12) and paste and save the 5 to 10 rigs I'm using in Performances 3 and 4, which I use for live performance, keeping everything I need for the service in those two banks. Then the next week I copy over the performances 3 and 4 with the rigs I need for that weekend.

    Everything copies over nicely except the midi slot settings, well sometimes they do. Most rigs I don't use the effects loop at all. However on about a quarter of my rigs I utilize my H9 or M5. The midi CC number set in the slot settings sometimes doesn't copy and I then have to go back to the permanent location of the rig and check what the midi # should have been and then go back to the slot in performance 3 or 4 and manually change it.

    It seems to me that the slot settings in the performances seem to be locked. I would make more sense to have whatever the slot settings were in first location to copy over the slot settings in the slot that the rig is being copied to.

  • Perhaps this issue could be avoided if I dedicated and entire slot to each song. However, I have no desire to hit the up and down button 30-40 times each way in order to reorganize the order of performances for each and every weekend.

    I get by using fewer rigs because I do the following. I have some compression in the amp block and have a volume bleed on my strat, my main axe. Combined with my pick attack, this gives me almost all the range of gain that I need. I also keep a boost in a stomp slot if I need a touch more. I use a lot of delay and utilize the ducking parameter a lot, allowing me to not do a lot of stomping. Therefore, in most cases I only need one rig per song.