New Amp-discoveries...

  • I did never play a Carr before.Fantastic Amplifier.Also amps like the Bogner-shiva,Splawn-nitro or Two Rock are amps I just discovered with the excellent profiles from you guys..and there are many more.

    What are your "discoveries";What amp did you never played (or even heared about) before and now with the "help" of the KPA does blow you away;

  • Hi @and44..let me tell you that you make me just now a "new born"-guitar enthusiast.After 35 years of making music.And I thank you very much for this..

    One question:How comes in your opinion that there are a few amps out there (like the nitro and the splawns in general it seems) that are so "easy" to profile with such great results;And others (like the SLO-100) obviously not;The VHT-pitbull is another amp I did not found to have been well profiled yet.


    As soon as possibkle I will try your Slo-100 single bundle.Cant wait.


  • I've been lucky enough to play a good few old Fenders and vintage Marshalls, have flirted with Mesa and have also owned a nice AC30 for 20 years, but the modern boutique amp world was completely alien to me before the Kemper. Never once crossed my mind to investigate what was going on outside of the big guns' domain. One day I'd like to play through the real thing, but for now, Andy, Pete, Michael and co. are my source of education.

    Two Rock, Tone King, Badcat, hell I didn't even know what a Dumble was!

  • @'sambrox

    Absolutely.I feel a little bit funny that I became such a "fanboy" but honestly I cant hide how happy I am about the KPA.It is not just "one more modeler" which finally sounds acceptable 20 years after the line 6 Axsys and 30 years after these horrible 19"-"refrigirators" full of f***..

    Now I not only play amps I dreamt about all my life (like all the vintage Marshalls and Fenders etc) but also some kick ass stuff I never heard about.I played today 3 hours ZZ Top stuff with the Carr s6 and could not stop.

  • I cant remember how many times I went to some big music shop (where ever in europe) to try expensive tube amps.Most of the times the super expensive boutique amp was built up in the middle of the shop (for everyone to see) and I had to play it while feeling guilty playing loud "destroying" the ears of the employees or little children who just passed buy after their piano/akkordeon-lessons.. :D

    Then there were some vintage amps in some studios.Mostly marshalls,Fenders,Vox or Hiwatts.Fair enough.Ofcourse I was only able to play them for a short time when they had a "day off".

    Now other way to try them.Only a very few guys I know own a matchless or a bogner etc..

    Yes.The KPA is not only a tool.It is also education,inspiration which is equal to music.Trying all those amplifiers,cabs and stomps for as long as you like,in your own environment,ready to record it or to try it at the next rehearsal,asking the "next guy" in the www. to send you the profile of his rare vinatege amp from the most remote corner of this planet..this is a completely new thing.

  • The Trace Elliott Velocette. I think there's one profile of this amp in the RigEx. It sounds like a AC-15 with a touch of the top boost volume but dimed out master volume, but... just a little different, maybe a little warmer, and a little more growl. I really like it for carving out a clean sound that meshes well with a Vox but has a slightly different characteristic.

    That said, I almost bought one when I saw one go for sale on Reverb because I liked it so much, but, then, I was like... why?!? Haha.

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  • Excellent stuff came from the rig exchange, I agree with Don, the shadows from the past are incredible, I still play the davoli from time to times, it's an incredibly warm clean amp. I never had a chance to play the vintage fenders and older marshalls, I'm now in love with this kind of amp, as well as the AC30, incredible tones :)

    I see my KPA as a time machine from 1940 era (oldest amp profiles available I think) to the modern boutique amps.

    I bought a real JTM30 Marshall after trying the profiles ... and making my own profiles then :) ...

    I regret not buying an evil robot amp after trying the great profiles from Andy and discovering they were produced on a very limited quantity and then discontinued ... They will probably become collector amps.

    I also discovered another tone monster , the Wizard from Pete, versatile and huge tones from this beast :o

    They are also lots of cool stuff from M Britt, and Michael Wagener with some exotic stuff ( metropolis, /13 ...)

    Too many good stuff and each other is killer in it's own voicing , what a dream for a guitarist :)

  • My tube experiences were limited to my Blackheart power ant (for home use), and my Bugera V 20... Sold both to save money for the best bargain I`ve ever had... :thumbsup:
    Now I can match tons of amps and experience the differences and mannerisms of them all...
    Now I can (and have to) become acquainted with every amp I`ve heard about (and even those I`ve never heard from)... BTW what`s that Carr amp you were talkin` about and from where you got it (cannot find in RE)?