wish for kemper editor software

  • +1 ..after few months with my kemper rack this is really something could improve my investement a lot, I would even pay for an Kpa editer..

    I have Kemper out of reach and I don't posses any kind of floor remote so I would benefit from having possibility changing gain, volume, effects from within my laptop screen. I would also pay for editor. Somehow I cannot imagine it would be paid option.

    +1 if it makes any difference....

  • Just because 'everybody' has adopted a more patient approach to dealing with the wait for their personal preferred features to come out doesn't necessarily imply that 'everybody' is not interested in having one. It just means we have adopted a more realistic approach and manage our own expectations accordingly.

    For instance, there are at least one or two things I would like to see addressed that are a higher priority to me than an editor - but if the next release has an editor and does not address those things and no one says anything about them be missing, I am not going to assume that 'everyone is ok with' them being missing. I'll just hope they will be in the next release because I am certain the Kemper team is already aware of my request(s) and get around to them eventually.

  • sorry guys. maybe i worded my statement wrong . i guess im not as patient as some on this matter.. ive had my rig for a while now and would really rather work with an editor and thought it would be here by now .seems like there were a few threads on the subject for a while and now i haven't heard much.

  • Just because 'everybody' has adopted a more patient approach to dealing with the wait for their personal preferred features to come out doesn't necessarily imply that 'everybody' is not interested in having one.

    I don't know if I agree with this statement. People have been talking about things that are much simpler to implement on the Kemper (or, in this case, in conjunction with the Kemper) for a long time. Heck, it's been out since 2011, and, at that state of the device, it really didn't need an editor. But things have changed, and there's a lot more complexity to the Kemper than on day one. Many people that have been waiting for an editor have long since lost their patience and either just dealt with it or jumped ship to Helix or AxeFX. Or, in the case of the Toaster app, just built their own, because Kemper's certainly not doing it anytime soon.

    With Line 6 or Fractal, not everyone uses their respective editors. Many are perfectly happy to interact only with the unit itself, and that's perfectly fine. But it's there for them if they want to use it.

    But, with the Kemper, It's not necessarily patience any longer. Some people have been waiting for years for things that are just assumed to be part of the Kemper ecosystem, as with other competing products. Where Fractal is with their Quantum firmware, and the state of the Helix... Kemper needs to up their game. Yep, you can get better and more amp sounds out of the Kemper, and that's always been the driving force, but Line 6 and Fractal are edging ever closer. The problem is that many people see the Kemper is an all-in-one that doesn't really have the "all" part completely thought out. Yes, they market it as a "profiling amplifier," but it doesn't matter - the moment you add on built-in effects, many expect it to replace their entire rig. For many, it does, and it's excellent as is. Morphing, for instance, is something that the Helix can do very easily. Delays in any slot? My Line 6 XT Live could do that... 12 years ago. And the lack of an editor is something that, in 2011, was okay, but the more connected the world becomes, the more people just expect there to be things like a computer-based editor. It's no longer patience, it's expectation.

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  • I think you missed (or completely ignored) my point and are just using this as another opportunity to push your personal priority. And to some degree that's ok, but personally, if I was as frustrated as you seem to be, I would have jumped ship to another product a long time ago. YMMV

  • Just a thought but IMHO programming a software editor is a far cry from building hardware devices... it would probably be best all around if a third party developed it... someone with that specific brand of experience... and if they are above board about everything Kemper might work with them to make sure it is worthy...

  • but if $2000 is spent on a kpa im sure a few people would expect an editor from the company. seems like its pretty much standard with most equipment i have purchased. i would not expect to have to pay for a 3rd party editor. just my opinion .

  • I record sitting at my DAW, so it would be far more convenient for me to adjust the KPA's settings using a mouse and keyboard than to physically reach over and twist knobs / push buttons, especially since it's not practical to position the KPA in front of me, between my monitor and mouse / keyboard.