Does pure cab helps with my one and only issue with the KPA;

  • Sorry for one more "pure cab"-thread.But I had not the impression that I can ask this in any of the other PC-related threads.So here is my question;
    Does the "pure cab" helps with the (what I call them) "double-stop-single-bendings";What I mean is bending for example the E on the G-string (9th fret) while playing the D on the high E-string (10th fret).The D on the high E is then almost not recognizable/to silent.Also the "natural interferences" which occure with a good tube amp bending one note while playing another note on a higher string sound a little bit strange.Doing the same (full step) bending on the G-string (ie E to Fis) while playing the A on the B-string (10th fret) is less a problem,stroking the higher note a little bit stronger does help a lot.Seems like this is with all my guitars,with all profiles with all kind of speakers and the only "damn little issue" I have with the sound of the KPA since day one.

    Maybe the "pure cab" does have a better solution for this since it evens out the more "extreme" frequencies;I still have not downloaded 3.1 yet.

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    Well, as this is the first time I ever read about an issue like yours in this forum


    Actually it is a "non-issue".Given all the other good things the KPA gives me I can live very well with this.And one must honestly be a sick little tube-fanatic like me to hear into this.I played my tube-stuff for to long that I would not hear the slightest little difference in everything else.but tubes.Still I hope some day you guys will look into this.Maybe it is just me doing something wrong;I will try ofcourse as soon as possible the PC-feature.


    If your only goal is to test PC, you won't need to upgrade to the beta

    I am open to all ideas.How can I test pure cab without the beta;

  • Pure cab is in Artist mode since firmware 2.6 I believe, in System menu hold down Rig button to activate it? Not sure if that's the exact procedure, I tried but couldn't get PC to work however when I played around with it for a few minutes. Maybe I was drinking again.....

  • @viabcroce & Booyah

    Thanxs a lot guys!I will try this.

    Actually this "little flaw" is the reason I wrote in my very first post in this blog that the KPA does "99%" and not 100%..the profiler is the most remarkable digital device ever.But nothing on this little blue planet is perfect. ;)

    I hope pure cabinet gives me a little bit more "attack" in the right frequencies.

  • Woah..psychoacoustics..

    Either I am getting mad or pure cabinet is indeed a killer.Helps in "my issue" 100%.And while we are at it (will try it further because right now I am "too impressed") I think I will give the KPA now 99.9%..simply because I am to old to give anything 100%.. :D

    If I will have tomorrow the same impresion I will "return" and close this thread withthe remark "solved".

  • Just played with pure dab for the first time and I will say I liked what I was hearing. Subtle but to me it seems a bit more organic as if playing an actual guitar cab due to the highs not being as harsh and less artificial.. The adjustment seems to be somewhat critical to me though and varies depending on the rig. In some cases my main lead rig for example cut to much high I felt to cut through properly when set where I like everything else. Ultimately I left it off for now for these reasons. This leaves me with two questions though, if I set pure cab to taste then eq each rig accordingly would this solve my problem. 2 has there been any change or improvements in the new beta?

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    Maybe you could up that 99.9 to 100%, Nikos, eh?

    Well..right now I have the pc up to 10.0 and have a strange feeling while playing.All the "flashy lights",digital informations and interface from the KPA but it sounds (playing a plexi-profile) like an old marshall turned all its controls (including the volume) to the right.Yes,it may deserve indeed the 100% but I will decide this tomorrow in the morning and not yet after 4 big bottles of "alpha"-beer..listen to Booyah.. ;):D

  • OK. Just be sure to drink 4 bottles tomorrow or else it wouldn't be a fair comparison.

    I mean, you wanna compare rotten hops with rotten hops, and not apples with oranges, right?

    Then again, you could just ignore this Nicky, Nicos...

    To the rest of the gang:

    I Tried the vaguely-described procedures in this thread to invoke PC on the latest non-beta software, and I just can't find it.

    Anyone got a Monkey(fool)-proof method?

  • I guess I will leave it by 5.0 for the next weeks untill I see how the "pure cab"-options develop.It is a little bit more than a "usefull tool" bevause it changes the feel of the playing.With it I play much more aggressive because the sound is "closer" to me.Indeed more "Amp in the room".This is a game changer.


    Then again, you could just ignore this Nicky, Nicos...

    I will do as you say.But one little thing..It is neither Nicky or Nicos dear is @Nikos.After I all this name is written in big letters in over 80 posts I made.So it is not so difficult to write it correctly.In the end you could still copy and paste. ;)

  • Ha ha ha! :P

    You must've missed it when I gave you my name - I think in your introductory thread, matey.

    So... I'll say it again: Then again, you could just ignore this Nicky, Nikos...

    Born Nicholas but nobody calls me that.

    Hold Rig while in the System menu. Then scroll through pages (should be the 5Th one).:)

    Thank you, Gianfranco.

    Same thing happens as before: Rig X-Fade Time is the only parameter on that page.

    I checked all other pages in the Sys menu too, as well as the Output and Cab pages.

  • @Monkey_Man: have you tried pushing the upper right softkey to activate the pure cab feature in earlier releases.

    Here is a snapshot of some text of an earlier thread about this feature:
    This hidden feature is talked here :Pure Cabinet in the System Menu
    To sum up, this hidden feature was found in FW2.7.0.10418 and is still available in FW 3.0 Go to the normal system menu (Press System button, then page 12/12) and hold "rig" button for a few seconds. That will get you into artist mode.
    Then Artist mode -> Page 5 In lasts FW (eg FW3.0), if it doesn’t appear, you must press soft button 4 on when in Artist Mode on page 5 called Cabinet Tweaks.

  • @Monkey_Man

    I must admit I did not get this yestersay.Sorry all good,no problem at all dear Nicholas..

    I found pure cabinet indeed in the artist mode some days ago but thought it would not work or would be at least completely different from the pc in 3.1

    Obviously this is not the case at all.But it is indeed not really a game changer with most of the factory presets.Fact.Till yet it works best with the rigs I downloaded from TAF.It is also not very good with the super-high-gain doom-amps.But this is very logical.These kind of sounds need more pre amp distortion "angular shaped"(;) transient response (more "in your face") while pure cab delivers most if one is searching for "round & warm" post amplifier saturated sounds with very "musical" characteristics/dynamics.

    One last question remains.Is pure cab 3.0 same with pure cab 3.1;Most guys here say "yes it is" but afaik no clear answer from the Kemper-Team.