Shaper Stomps - Linear and "Regular Distortion"

  • Thanks Don, but I was looking in the manual for 3.12 and for example Recti shaper is listed as stomp effect and so is " Linear" shaper and "Regular Distortion" are also listed as stomp effects, but when I scroll using type , I don't find them. If you scroll on yours, do you find them? I was just wondering if it's an omission from the device or the manual for 3.12 is not accurate because I don't find these stomps on my KPA version 3.12.


  • the manual is a little unclear in this respect, I agree.
    the linear (like I said, no distortion whatsoever) and "regular" distortion are listed for reference only/
    they are there to illustrate how the shapers affect the signal in contrast to no and regular distortion.

    they are not separate stomps.