MBritt single profiles

  • I bought the 69 Marshall mini pack last night from MBritt and have been blown away by how much I absolutely love it. The thing that kind of hooked me in was that it was a mini pack at a decent price. I figured I cant go wrong trying it out for $15.

    I noticed the Amp Factory and Top Jimi and others offer single amp profiles for around $6-$8 a piece and then you can just piece together your own collection and not have to buy profiles you may not use. This option is way more appealing to me as a consumer than buying a whole pack at $50 or more.

    I definitely want to buy more of MBritts profiles since the 69 Marshall well exceeded my expectations but curious why he doesnt offer the rest of his catalogue up as single amp profiles? I'm not saying its a bad deal at all to buy a $50 pack since I am pretty sure based off the 69 Marshall mini pack that the quality is amazing for all the profiles. I could easily spend $100 or more buying certain profiles from each $50 pack where i probably would not spend $300 or more to get all the $50 packs for 10 or so profiles I really want.

    I know he mentions on his website he will be doing more mini packs but there are a lot of amp profiles he already has in the $50 packs I would buy. Like I mentioned earlier Amp Factory and others offer it and i think its a nice option.

    Just my 2 cents .... does anyone out there want this too from the MBritt profiles or is it just me?

  • I'd like to see this happen, too.

    I'm just trying to be as truthful to my experience and personal opinion that I'm clearly presenting only as a personal opinion no more no less in an honest and truthful discussion about equipment.

  • I got the Marshall too and think it excellent . I have the Dumble pack too and, will probably get flamed for this, but don't think that anywhere near as good BUT I haven't used those profiles at volume so they well come alive

  • He is doing smaller 10$ "Mini" Packs now. I helped with the Driftwood Nightmare.

    The Driftwood nightmare sounded killer! I plan on getting that too definitely. My main thing was in each of his packs he's done previously there were one or two profiles I wanted out of each pack. I thought it would be nice if they were offered up individually as well instead of purchasing the entire pack. The same way The Amp Factory offers theirs for sale either as a pack or you can buy each individual profile. I think that's a nice option to offer.

    For me personally I would rather a'la carte each profile myself to create my own pack.

    I'm looking forward to more of his mini packs but thought it would be cool if he offered that option on his previous profiles.

    BTW nice work on helping with the Driftwood! I never really heard of that amp before and it sounds great.

  • Finally, some GREAT Marshall profiles that to my ears, sound good with my Lester and my Strat and I can gig with out of the box.
    I think these are going to be my new go-to sounds....and for $20 (Cdn), a fantastic deal.