Cabinet viewer / arranger / editor

  • I have over 1000 cabinets on my Kemper. This morning, I noticed that every one is duplicated (doubled). A feature I'd like to see in the next version of 'Rig Manager' would be the ability to manage your cabinets.
    That way I could delete all duplicates or rename my cabs for an easier recognition.

    Just a thought. Anyone else agree?

  • I think that could go along with a function to load presets (Stomps, Effects, Cabs, Input-Section, etc.) into RM.

    YES. The saving of stomps or blocks of effects, or even snapshots, in the Kemper is nice... but managing it is like using a horrible, old DOS system. I don't necessarily care about applying a set of Stomps from RM (though it would be nice), but to manage and also compare and find duplicates within the saved presets would be great.

    So, here would be my list:

    • A new section on the left in RM for managing cabs (this should be first priority) and allowing uploading direct via USB cabs. This would work almost identically to the current rig view, except the sidebar on the right would only show cab information, instead of the whole rig. A nice bonus feature would be baking IR Maker (or whatever it's called) into RM, so dropping or opening an IR in here would convert it and spit you out a cab. It would be one less application package to manage.
    • A new section on the left in RM for saved single effect presets. Sidebar on the right would show the effect in use and it's parameters. Tweaking wouldn't necessarily be a thing that would be needed - a bigger focus on tweaking an active rig while connected would be more useful. Just display the parameters.
    • A new section on the left in RM for grouped effect presets (Stomps and Effects could be joined in this section, though, if that's a technical issue, they could be separate). This would be similar to #2, except, like the new performance mode section, the right-hand sidebar would just show each effect, and allow you to shuffle them around.
    • A new section in RM for saved snapshots. This would be theoretically identical to the rigs section, and maybe a nested group under Rigs would be better place for this.
    • A feature to find duplicates from the menubar. It would be great to have this globally, but by type (All single effect presets, all rigs, etc.), or even by the current folder would be perfectly acceptable. Hunting and pecking for duplicates is a pain and time-consuming - being able to find and resolve duplicates quickly would be a nice little addition.

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