Kemper, SPDIF, M-audio FastTrack Ultra and Windows 10

  • Hello everybody, and thank you in advance :)

    I want, for recording purposes, to go through my M-Audio FastTrack Ultra using SPDIF.

    So my setup is as follow:

    Guitar > Kemper > FastTrack > Sonar X3 Producer (Win10)

    My first problem was that I was unable to change the clock from Internal to External. Solved it by changing the default device in the Windows Control Panel (as the FastTrack "believed" it streamed data and such, I couldn't change it)... All right ! Now I can use the External, and by plugging my Kemper in SPDIF to the FastTrack, it changed automatically into the 44.1 that is requested.

    So far so g... yeah no.

    Now that I open Sonar, I can see that the channels 7/8 (SPDIF) can be selected as stereo inputs, and that the output can be too (it shall be my M-audio speakers, plugged into the inputs 1 and 2 of the FastTrack).

    Sound can be monitored from the Kemper. as I strum the strings of my guitar (Light from "Input" and "Output" properly reacting, showing that a signal goes in).

    But nothing from the Sonar X3, no signal received, no sound going out of the speakers, no light flickering from the FastTrack...)

    Inputs and outputs in the "Preferences" menu are properly selected, I'm in 44.1, cables are triple-checked... It has been two exhausting days of research / modifying / reinstalling drivers...

    So if anyone has any idea, it would be really, really, really helpfull

    Many thanks in advance !