Guitar to Midi converter....Could it be possible?

  • There's also the Fishman Triple Play system for those who are interested. I bought a Godin with the FTP build in; work very good in 'free mode', good tracking etc. As soon as I try to record it it starts lagging to pieces but it could have to do with my hardware as I have heard other claiming they don't have that issue.

  • At 3:22 in the clip he states that the official line is 16-30ms depending upon the signal source.

    I'm using the Jam Origin Midi Guitar VST (v2.0 beta8) and with a Focusrite 6i6 and Asio buffer set to 3ms I can get the latency down to 3ms inside Reaper (144 samples at 48k). It's hardly noticeable. Amazing VST for the price considering the cost of the bulky hardware you normally have to stick to the guitar to get the same thing (unless you own a Godin!). It tracks better in monophonic than polyphonic *but* you always have to be aware to play in the style of the instrument/sound you're triggering.

    Takes a while to get the settings that suit your guitar (i.e. fine-tuning sensitivity and gate settings). Triggering false notes is more down to poor player technique (mine) than the VST. This is a good example of what it can do:

  • dont mess with the gm2, the gr55 as standalone is alright does not play so well with vsts and daws...fishman triple play is getting rave reviews but i do not own one...the sad news is that all these devices cant hold up to the quality of what they claim to do compared to the Kemper period...if CK ran these companies midi guitar would be outta this world