Guitar used to profile

  • Doesn't make that big of a difference or guitars used to profile? I found some profiles from Pete in which he used a PRS guitar to profile. Since I recently acquired a PRS custom 22, is a standard reason these profiles would sound especially right with my set up?

    Should the guitar used to profile play important factor in the decision into which profiles to buy?

  • I strongly believe that a (rock-blues style- kind of..)profile should sound as good with a les paul as it should sound with a stratocaster.As it does with a good tube amp.Anything else is not acceptable and I have yet enough examples (profiles) which can do that.

    This "phenomenon" that it sounds only good with a les paul and awefull with a strat (and vice versa) should only show that it is not a well recorded profile.

  • All it is is a reference to the guitar that was used when dialing in the amp prior to making the profile. A 'neutral' profile will sound good with just about anything, but some guitars may need specific adjustments made to the tone controls to get them to sound their best. I use completely different settings on my Boogie when using my Telecaster compared to how I set it up for a Les Paul, for example.

  • If someone sets an amp to sound a certain way using a vintage output Stratocaster, the amp will sound different if someone plugs in a brand new Les Paul.

    So, yes - the gain and EQ settings of the amplifier are set for a particular guitar. The Profile would sound the same with that guitar, and different with another guitar.

    It it may still sound great with another guitar, or it may need to be adjusted quite a bit.