Updating RM 1.5 Overwrites a Performance

  • First, Great work Kemper Staff for the new Profiler and RM software.. very nice! Thank you.

    I experienced an issue when I upgraded to RM 1.5 today. The OS, loaded first, no issues. I loaded RM 1.5.20 next on my Mac 10.9.5; no issues with the load.

    When I borught up RM, it updated my library and performances. The KPA was set to performance #3 when I turned it on, which should be Two-Rock MS 50. But somehow RM overwrote it with performance 1 data, 78' Dumble. And the Two Rock performance data was gone for good..

    I rebuilt the performance and now will have to tweak it back to cool... but thought you might like to know the experience.

    WONDER Performance capturing on the new RM; Thank you! and AWESOME PURE CABINET!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
    Best Regards; Live Blessed!