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  • Hi There
    I have been using the Kemper toaster for 2 months now. My amplification is a RCF monitor of outstanding quality.

    I play nylon string (bossa nova) steel string (ragtime) arch top (jazz) and a custom build Lefty Taylor for my cover band (Steely Dan, Toto stuff).

    So far I got remarkable results for all types of music that I play, both studio and live. I had to promise my technician and fellow musicians to never ever sell the Kemper ever. Because they really like the sound. Ans so do I.

    Besides some acoustic profiles I merely use the famous Morgan profile for my clean electric work. I use the Bogner Shiva for lead (it sounds better than the Bogner I once owned).

    So far I use free profiles from the Rig Exchange and I really took the time to sort them out.

    Still I have the idea there must be better crunchy and hij gain Profiles out there. I am not looking for the scooped metal hi gain sound but for a fat lead sound like Gary Moore on steroids. And a nice warm crunchy sound would be welcome as well.

    Does anyone have experience with commercial rigs in this field and do they sound better than the free rigs ? I downloaded dome free Profiles from M Britt and they are nice but not better than the above mentioned free rigs.

    Tips ?

  • the Guidorist are fantastic, in my opinion...but I have been falling in love with some others like TAF and Top Jimi. Recently I have heard Stickany ones which are very nice. Soundside are excellent as well.

    I underestand I cannot be of much help mentioning all these fine profilers...sorry for this...but guiding you to only one profiler wasn't fair nor just :)

    "...why being satisfied with an amp, as great as it can be, while you can have them all?" michael mellner

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  • Same here. I use these great profiles from guidorist too and my setup is an rcf sma 10" and sometimes a mesa boogie real cab 2 x12 v30. For me the best packs are the bogner, the rectifyer and the 5150, depending on what kind of sound you prefer. I also use the fantastic producer pack from sinmix, many awesome amps, very good profiled. Best free profiles imo from: Thumas, djemass, jevo these are my favs.