Kemper "Performance" Pedalboard

  • What about a Kemper Pedalboard like the existing Footcontroller but with the added ability to play "Performances" from the mothership/Rig Manager via USB stick;This Pedalboard would just need one input for the guitar and two outputs to the FOH/Monitor.Maybe with 1-2 additional controlls for minimum tweaking(volume/B/M/T/P) for the amp sims and FX(mix);No "Browser mode" or the "Profiling"-thing.

    For under 1000 euros/$ this would also be a nice countermove to the AX8/Helix.Make this under 800 euros/$ and both will eat the dust.

    I would buy this instantly and solve all my problems as I am seeking for an back up for my KPA and a fitting "plug & play" foot controller.Not to mention this would be ideal for very small gigs with very small FOHs are all you get and you dont have even the space for a monitor/controller(like small clubs/bars)..

  • Probably this is the most requested kpa format.
    But I think that a similar move would be almost useless, since I don't know how many of us owner would spend 1000 to have simply a performance player.
    At the same time, limited tweaking on fx and ama ptofiles probably would lead non-kemper owners to different products.
    And, as it has been said previously, profiling and browse mode, as hardwares, don't have so much weight in kpa total price

  • And I thought this might be a good idea..maybe because I am sick with fever and all that... :D

    No,think again.This could have a lot of "winners":

    The guys who already own a KPA could use it as back up,footcontroller and and as tool for "very small gigs" or rehearsals/jams.

    The kids who would like to have such a tool but cant spend 1600 euros/$ could have something to start with.Over 7000 rigs in the Rig Exchange..which kid will not find what he is looking for;


    So... a board with all the brainpower of a KPA

    Profiling is a big part of the...well...Profiler; :whistling:

    But it is a tool for the guys amongst us who already have some "tube history" of their own.When I was 14 I did not knew what a marshall is or what the difference between EL-84 or 6L6..a cheaper Kemper "Floorboard" for the iphone-generation would open a huge market which is already on the way to get lost to "amplitude","BIAS" or what ever computer plug ins.Ofcourse none of these are useable for live gigs or even band rehearsals.This is where a Kemper Floorboard could shine.


    so you pretty much have to already own a KPA to use it....?

    No,why;You still have the Rig Exchange and all the commercial Profilers,no;All these guys sure need a bigger market;As I saidm,this idea could have a lots of winners. ;)

  • Well,the fact that Cliffy does not even try to hide where he steals from says a lot about him and his company.This is not just an open "war declaration" but more so "Zeitgeist" alá "I am a Gangsta & I luv it"..yo.. <X

  • This is a really good idea.

    I'd like a Kemper 'drone' floor pedal that I could copy a few performance presets to for gigging.

    Nothing too complicated and small enough for a gigbag - something like the Atomic Amplifire or the Tech21 Fly Rig.

  • I would love such a product. I believe that a 1K Kemper floor board would open a huge market to Kemper.

    As it sits today, Kemper has a good lead on pure guitar tone against all the competition. The only part of my Kemper that I yearn for more is that it would be more convenient if it were a stand alone floor board.

    To be honest, if I had such a device, I would still keep my Kemper Rack. It is great with all its amp like controls..... but I would prefer the convenience of a stand alone floor board for gigging. Smaller, less hookup, and just as good sounding.... where do I sign up? ;)

  • Kemper "Performance" Pedalboard[/url]']

    Profiling is a big part of the...well...Profiler; :whistling:

    I believe it's been stated elsewhere that the Kemper is still using most of its processing power when you play. Just removing the software that does the profiling has no effect on the hardware you need to play back the profiles.


    No,why;You still have the Rig Exchange and all the commercial Profilers,no;All these guys sure need a bigger market;As I saidm,this idea could have a lots of winners. ;)

    The problem I see is that people using the floorboard still have to edit their performances, tweak the settings, the stomps, etc. So you can either give them very minimal controls - gain, bass, mid, treble - in which case they need a Kemper to set their performances up before putting them on the floorboard, or you give them all the same controls as the Kemper, in which case why not just buy a Kemper and any compatible pedalboard?

    To put it another way - I think that, by the time you put enough of the KPA's features into a floor unit that people want to buy it, you're basically selling them a Kemper. There's no reason to sell it any cheaper than the head/rack versions, and if anything it would be more expensive because it's serving the functions of a KPA AND a Remote.