Passive - CLR wedge or cfr12 or xitone 12 wedge

  • i want to buy a FRFR speaker. currently running my powerhead thru a mesa 1x12 open back and it sounds amazing but i have cab sim turned off. i want to try the KPA with a FRFR speaker using cab sim.

    i'm leaning towards the matrix cfr12.

    which do you think is best? i usually tilt my cabs back anyway so i figure a wedge is the best shape to go with.

    atomic clr or xitone or matrix cfr12?


  • If you're looking for the greatest transparency, I'd go for the CLR. I have no direct experience with the other models you're suggesting, but the CLR is anyway a safe purchase, if that makes sense.
    Not that you couldn't like other cabs better ;)

  • Well like I described in the other thread, I have a KPA power rack and just purchased the Passive CLR and all I can say is its one big eargasm. It's just amazing how much clarity and tone you get out of it. I compare it to the sounds you get when wearing headphones. It's that me at least.

  • I don't own the (Matrix) CFR12, but I have the NL212. It's a great cabinet, and sounds awesome. Even though it's not FRFR, it sounds very clean with a lot of range, though not as flat as a FRFR cab does. I use the main outs in stereo > Behringer Mini EQ > Matrix GT1000FX, which allows me to tweak the EQ for a flatter response on the cab, while still using the XLR main outs to the house (with no EQ/flat EQ).

    One thing you should be aware of is that Matrix has announced a lightweight FR10 and an FR12 cabinet to be released in December. If you can hold off a couple months, you can have an FRFR cab that weighs in at 22 lbs. (holy crap). I'm already planning on picking up a powered FR10 or FR12 (I really need to see a product detail on the two to make a decision) and selling my NL212 and GT1000FX. It'll net me about a 15-20 lb. decrease in what I need to carry to gigs, even more if I'm going direct only and am using in-ears (skipping the cab altogether and I don't need to haul around a power amp when it is not needed). I'm not sure if they're going to have powered and unpowered options, or just powered.

    While I have not tried out Xitone, I've talked to the owner (I cannot recall his name ATM), and he's super easy to work with and will answer any questions you have. He can even do some custom designs or options if you want something he may not have on his product pages. They're a smaller company with a real eye on quality and craftsmanship. I'd certainly recommend them. You can get powered or unpowered on any of their models, which is great, and the power section is from Matrix.

    Atomic's stuff is kind of like the "gold standard" of FRFR cabs - they're one of the more popular options, and they sound great. Lots of options - wedge or cab shape, powered or unpowered, and Neodymium woofers are also an option for lower weight. However, there are multiple threads around here about how their customer service just outright blows. While that's not a huge concern when you're considering an initial purchase, it certainly is more of an issue when something goes awry. However, since you have the powered Kemper, there's little that can go wrong with a passive cab (save for speaker failure) - just ensure you have an 8Ω or greater cab.

    I also want to throw into the ring, for your consideration, the Friedman ASM-12. It sounds amazing. I don't think it's a 100% true FRFR, as it supposedly makes your sound much more "live" sounding, but it does have a full range (50Hz-20kHz, I believe) and the frequency response is rather flat. I was considering one of these until I saw that it weighs in at almost 60 lbs. I have a Mesa Recto 2x12 that weighs less than that. But, if weight is not a concern, it can look and function like either a wedge or a guitar cabinet, which is really nice, and Friedman is quality stuff. It is powered, and there isn't an unpowered option, so you'd need to use your monitor out and not your powered out, but you can use it apart from the Kemper if you need to - as an additional stage wedge, listening to music at home, whatever.

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  • A wedge that I can recommend is Dynacord AXM 12A. The price is about the same as a CLR, but availability is better in Europe. It has a very flexible DSP that can be used to compensate for conditions at different venues, although I rarely need to tweak beyond selecting one of the 3 wedge presets. I use it behind me in the backline, as a side-fill or in front and it does everything very well.

    Edit: the Dynacord is an active wedge. I didn't notice that OP was looking for passive speakers at first.

  • I'm a massive supporter of the KPA -> Matrix GT1000FX -> Xitone 2x12. That combination slays everything else I've tried out there, and they're nearly bulletproof. Every single night onstage, the same sound and it feels larger than life. That amp is super fast, and Mick at Xitone builds the best feeling / sounding cabs out there. He's pretty genius. They feel like a fantastic 4x12, push a ton of air, and makes your right hand feel like a hammer.

    That said, I'm sadly selling my power amp and cab due to some changes we're going through. Post here Matrix GT1000FX 1U + Xitone 2x12 FRFR cab available for sale

  • Hi,
    I will be looking for a passive FRFR "amp in the room" guitar cab to connect to my powerhead output. I 'd prefer a GRFR speaker when playing electric but I also intend to play acoustic so I need to turn FRFR. Best would be a switchable device. A 1*12 would be enough. But there's little choice for a Frenchman

    So far I have seen Atomic CLR (preferred choice so far but heavy & hard to find details on speakers), Matrix (no way, £ is so expensive right now...), BlueAmps (no speaker specs, little feedback, FRFR choice is only DIY kit or 1000€ 2*12) & Xitone (looks great but US only, shipping costs an arm). Looks like it will be hard to choose & get one of these.

    Any advise is welcome

  • Atomic is an excellent product IMO. Why do you need details on the transducers? They are proprietary AFAIK.

    Not sure what you mean by FRFR guitar cab, maybe the form factor?
    The task (and goal) of a linear cab is to faithfully reproduce what it sees at its input, the farer it goes from there the less it is linear.
    IMO you can't beat the CLR for the price. Whatever sounds different for the price is basically just less linear.

    Note: the Neo version (expected to be available in EU in weeks according to Tom King in person) weights 5 kg less IIRC. I am just waiting to get one ;)

  • viabcroce, thanks, I guess you ended convincing me. CLRs are everywhere mentionned as the best one could get.

    FRFR guitar cab means I am a little afraid of going to much "hi-fi" with my sound. I've read much about some preferring GRFR cabs when playing. I assume I am also falling in this category and would have gone for a Camper 212 for the price if I wasn't also aiming at playing acoustic.

    In the end it makes me trying to choose in between cab-style FRFRs with 12' speakers. I don't know if I am going in the right direction but I could not be wrong with a passive CLR cab.

  • Don't worry, you can always return it :)

    A cab which seems to be extremely popular among Italian users nowadays is the Red Sound LG12. Those who have tried them seem enthusiastic, and some report they have sold their CLR(s) after trying it o.O
    It's a cab "conceived for the guitarist who plays digital gear", produces 124 dB continuous and weights 17 kg.


  • Agreed with the site... They put it up last week.
    They also have a FB page, and to be true there are lots of reviews on FB Italian groups (since the manufacturer is located in Italy).
    Generally speaking, it might be the "guitar cab" you were looking for ;)

    I could post a link to some videos, but the ones I've seen are live concerts. Not sure you'd be interested in them?


  • A cab which seems to be extremely popular among Italian users nowadays is the Red Sound LG12.

    Looks interesting. I do understand the traditionalist wish for rectangular cabs, but you need to stand very far away to hear anything close to what is going to FOH. On most stages or rehearsal-spaces I play I would have to bend below waist-height to get anywhere near the correct sound from a straight rectangular cab standing on the floor. I don't see people growing ears at the back of their knees any-time soon. What I'd like to see is a cab where the interior (speaker/drivers and possibly some form of reflex cage) is angled upward at a fixed or adjustable angle. It would look rectangular, but work more like a wedge.

  • Agreed with the site... They put it up last week.
    They also have a FB page, and to be true there are lots of reviews on FB Italian groups (since the manufacturer is located in Italy).
    Generally speaking, it might be the "guitar cab" you were looking for ;)

    I could post a link to some videos, but the ones I've seen are live concerts. Not sure you'd be interested in them?


    it definitely has my attention. but they only have an active version of it right? I am looking for a passive cab. if they have a passive one, I could be really interested. please post any info you can provide. i don't even know the price. maybe you could create a topic for this.


  • Their FR212 is passive. I own a Matrix GT800FX power amp and I highly recommend the company and their gear. The customer service seemed a bit unorganized but they did the right thing when I needed them and without question.