Kemper never left alone. Just a couple of questions.

  • Hello everyone!

    I've a confession to make. As a registered user I made a stink and got banned from the forum. Now, before the administration comes and removes me from here, I'd like to say SORRY to all concerned... I hope you're reading this GS...

    I hope I can stay long enough to ask you Kemper users and fellow forumites something about how to use RIG MANAGER.

    Does this actually access the list of profiles in the database displayed on the official Kemper web pages? If it does then I don't need to worry.

    I'm only asking you guys (and gals), since I might expect an in depth answer. I play my Kemper a lot and like the tones it gives my LP and Mastercaster. I've even made a few profiles of my Tubemaster into a Tube Thomsen 2 x12" greenback cab. I don't think I want to be criticised again, so these are not going out to be shared.

    I miss the discourse, but unfortunately irony and the devil's advocate aren't international and are not easy to read.

    Thanks for your time. I'll get my coat and be on my way again. :|


  • Hi Freisegler

    The RigManager and Kemper website RigExchange share the same database of rigs, although the search functionality for both differs a liitle - search for "AC20" in RM and in RigExchange, you get 6 vs 3 results.

    By the way, if you did something "wrong", saying sorry is simply OK thing to do.