Rigs with footswitch presets not always the same

  • Hi all,

    I might be mistaken here, but yesterday I was playing a ceriatone SRV SSS rig from the exchange and when I loaded it some of the lights on the footswitch lit up. It had a boost and a wah and a rotary speaker in the mod. All perfect SRV stuff. This evening I loaded it up and it does not light up on the footswitch buttons, but has the same effects in the same slots.

    What do you think happened? I always select rigs from the rig manager, never from the kemper itself. So maybe I set up the footswitches a few weeks ago and then it stored in the kemper and somehow rig manager remembered that...or what. By the way, it's a great profile/rig.

    Thanks for any ideas, or maybe I'm just going daft.


  • No, I never lock stomps. To be honest I think I must have made a mistake somehow. I definitely had a rig with a wah, rotary and boost that were pre-programmed for the footswitch, but it couldn't have been that one. Can someone else with a footswitch call up that rig and see if they come up maybe?

  • Ok, I did a few tests.

    I can't get the footswitch settings to come back automatically.

    1. In perform mode - no difference
    2. Power up with rig already selected - no difference
    3. Start rig manager before or after kpa power up - no difference

    I wish I could replicate the problem. I still don't have the answer to the question though - when anyone else opens up the ceriatone sss SRV rig from the rig exchange are the footswitch settings already in there?


  • Okay, I got it to do it again, just now, but symptoms slightly different.

    Loaded (preview) the ceriatone SSS Srv rig from the exchange - this time the orange wah effect button lit up on the remote. Then I switched to a different rig. Then I switched back, no light on the remote.

    I definitely saw it just now - and I took a photo (but it's just a photo of a light on so not much point in posting it)

    Anyone else have this problem with random footswitch assignments on foot controller?

  • And finally, I have a full demonstration of the bug (?). I have loaded this rig 10 or 20 times in the last few days. The lights do not normally come on on the footswitch. I don't believe I have ever edited them.

    Proof at last that I am not going mad!!!

  • Sorry about this, but just happened on another rig. Called it up. Double click in rig manager to preview. play it for 5 mins - all footswitches lit up. Switch to a couple of different rigs (using rig manager double click) and then back to first one, no lights on footswitch. Surely this is an actual bug.