Cleaning up noise

  • I am using a powered rack into a orange 2x12 mogami cables and a schecter blackjack c-8 with nazgul pickups.
    I am getting a noise when I use the kemper either plugged or not plugged in. This happens with 3 of my guitars.
    I am using the Ola mesa trip rec profile so its pretty high gain. I am trying to achieve a tight sound with no noise without having to
    crank the noise gate up all the way.

    This is my second profiler, with my first one I had to set the noise gate to about 7.2 with this one I have to go all the way up to 10!
    my friend has the exact same setup cab cables and all and does not have this problem and always achieves a great tone.
    is it possible I received 2 defect kempers? Or more likely have I set something up wrong? I have talked to kemper directly and did not really
    get anyway with them. I really don't want to setup another return so if anyone has any advice for me and experience playing these type of profiles
    please get at me ASAP! :|

  • Yes I have but makes little difference.. It is running thru a livewire power conditioner. I noticed I am picking up a bit of interference from my monitors, When I face away I get less but is still there

  • Try different positions and try a cable with no ground wire.
    Another user had similar issues, he had a power conditioner but changing the wall socked helped him to solve.
    Are you in the same situation if you turn off your monitors?
    It might be that they are not shielded so they make magnetic interference with the KPA.

  • I have actually tried a couple of positions.
    Defiantly sounding like interference its like a alien sound that tails
    off everything I play. I did change wall sockets and I get a similar problem at my rehearsal room.
    I just tried shutting off my monitors.

    This is the second kemper that has done with and I just bought a new guitar yesterday with nazgul pickups.
    maybe I need to install new hardware on the guitar? I feel I have tried everything.

  • Helo I have noise problems on my music room too. I think the problem is dimmed light. I have made an on of switch, but it does not help.
    I have tryed the groundswitches too, but its no difference.. I have to use a lot of gate. Its realy anoying on clean rigs! I was Hoping the Kemper was quiet, but it is actually more noisy than my tube amps! Is it somethimg to shield this noise befor it comes into the power of the Kemper? I have used the original cable for the monitor and other Phatchcabels, but no difference. It only ocour wit magnetic pickups. My Taylor Acc, is quiet. The result of haveing to much gate on cleans i s not good, and kills the feel. The gate is good on the Kemper though.

  • Slowly I am getting a bit nervous, if my KPA could sound better, too.

    Though I have not found the time yet to dig into it deeper (shame on me, but KPA has to be paid^^), I wonder if it should'nt sound better by default...
    What I mean by that is that I am not as close to the Youtube sounds as I think I should be. Still don't want to blame the KPA yet since I have to do way more testing. But what you report here, is something the K-Team should say something to, I think. And you are not the first one. See the thread where they ask for a selfcheck of the device.

    Maybe try the tip from Danne69 and report back? I am watching this and other threads regarding the issue of different KPAs sounding differently with a lot of interest.

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  • I had similar issues in certain venues.
    Try a power cable without the ground, if you are connected to other gear which has the ground connected.Google star grounding.
    I have no more suggestions, but if you don't try, you won't see if it works.

  • Do you use a noise gate stomp or just rely on the dedicated noise gate? For high gain stuff I use a combination of both and end up with a flawless, noise free result. I do need to use different settings for different pickups though.

  • Sounded a bit like computer buzz.. Is the sound still there when the computer and screen is shut off? Also try to remove power adapters while you are at it. Light dimmers and fluorescent lights are also big sinners when it comes to interference. I had a terrible buzz at a rehearsal room once and i removed the grounding pins for the laptop to get rid of it, as others have stated.
    Just be careful not to come in contact with other gear that is grounded while you are not:P I touched my audio interface while holding my guitar when it was not grounded... A gentle reminder from mr electricity greeted my hand... Not full on raveparty but enough to wake you up :D

    (There is no reason to take the live fast die young version with electrical equipment, so leave the grounding be)

    Its very annoying so hopefully you get it sorted out.