Kemper in loop of GSP1101, 4 cable method

  • Hi,

    I am thinking about getting a Kemper to replace my Marshall JMP-1 pre-amp. I use the JMP in 4CM into a Digitech GSP1101, so I can choose between the JMP preamps and the internal ones. The midi switching is done by GSP1101 sending patch change messages to the midi in of the JMP.

    I've been searching the manuals and the forum with more info about how to connect the KPA in this scenario, but have not found any real usable info.

    I want to use the GSP1101 as control point, because I use the Digitech Control2 controller which is awesome, and I love the effects of the GSP.

    Anyone here done the same? Basically a 4CM description from the Kemper point of view would suffice.



  • I've got a GSP-1101. And a JMP-1. Haven't used the KPA with the Digitech, but it will connect exactly the same way as the JMP-1 does. Use the alt input on the back of the KPA for your input (to keep the wiring neater-be sure to select the alt input as your input source in the KPA)) and the main outs from the KPA back to the 4CM return on the Digitech. Square away your levels on both units and you're good to go.