Using Kemper as Impulse Response/ Cab only

  • Just making sure, in this example: loading redwirez etc into the Kemper and using the Kemper instead of the computer to host the speaker simulation = identical right tone?

    I intend on using the Kemper occasionally this way to avoid computer lag etc...letting kemper do all the work

    this should be the same, right?

    sorry, wrong forum..


  • Hi,

    the idea is cool, but I haven't tried it yet.

    Just a thought: To do so, you'd need to take the amp inside the KPA all the way down or even out of the signal chain so it doesn't affect the sound. Is this even possible?
    Out of curiosity: Which preamp would you like to use for that scenario?

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  • With older versions of the cabmaker, the sound of the converted and imported IRs were not identical compared to using the IRs inside your DAW. Akaik these problems were fixed in the recent version of cabmaker. Since i don´t use cabmaker i am not sure about this.

    However it is easy to use the KPA as a speaker simulator only using the KPA cabs or the converted IRs:
    Deactivate all stoms as well the amp, eq, and FX sections. Just leave the cab section on with your favourite cab profile loaded. Then activate the fx loop within a stomp slot. Now you just have to feed your direct amp signal into the KPA return at line level. Works great...

  • guys, thanks for responding (even though I'm in the wrong forum)
    I have yet to use cab maker, or even select different cabs within Kemper

    I have a Mojave Peacemaker. I consider it my sound, so I want to be sure I capture it the best way.I have profiled the Mojave and it sounded almost identical, but I'm convinced that redwirez or other cabs would improve it drastically in that my real recording (and profile) are not as clear and pro as I'd like them to be.

    cool, so using the Kemper as cab only is as I thought, simply de-click everything but the cab
    then feed your amp into the fx loop of Kemper and enable fx loop

    so to recap:
    the Kemper cabs should sound cool
    using cab maker to import redwirez may or may not be identical to using a computer
    got it, will have to experiment...
    can't wait til all this is over, once I know what works for me...that's it, no more experimenting, stick to what works = what I like

  • I have profiled the Mojave and it sounded almost identical, but I'm convinced that redwirez or other cabs would improve it drastically in that my real recording (and profile) are not as clear and pro as I'd like them to be.

    This is where I can't follow you any more. It's pretty much common sense here that using IR's with the profiler is inferior sounding compared to native Kemper cabs.
    So if you think something is missing from your own profiling capabilities try to improve your miking technique, or get your amp miked at a professional studio with a decent control room. This will give you much better results, believe me.

  • Mixohoytian, if you want the tone of your amp, but are not happy with the miced cab sound, why not use merged profiles?

    Create a merged/direct profile for your favourite amp settings, then apply cabs of your choice from other merged profiles or cabmaker. This works very well for me.

  • I do have a direct profile (no cab) and intend on doing exactly as you describe
    but I want to compare Kemper cabs with redwirez. If Kemper cabs are cooler I'll make a post, but gotta hear it for myself.

    I intend on taking my technique out of the equation. If my direct profile through fake cab sounds identical to my Mojave through fake cab, then I'll know I've achieved what I wanted.

    Note that ownhammers etc... are as good or better than the real thing according to Pet Thorn and others who are better at micing than I am. If they use them and can't tell the difference, then all I'm trying to do is cut to the chase. I could keep working on my micing technique, but that's time better spent on writing and recording as clearly micing technique has already been perfected and is for sale for $10 via redwirez.

  • Having spent the last 20 years micing amps and the last 2 years really digging in with a broad selection of mics and cabinets to choose from I can say you're right... to a point.

    I have all the Ownhammer, Redwirez, and TAF IRs, as well as a bunch of free ones and some I've made in my studio. I also really like the Two-Notes Torpedo and WOS simulations (especially lately with recent releases.)

    At this point it is splitting hairs and personal preference. I get great tones with any method, but with someone else's IR I'm getting their interpretation of good and every once in a while I want something a little different.

    But in the modern world if your mic technique is not yet up to par and you don't want to spend the money on the signal chain required... I can't recommend the current crop of IRs highly enough.

    My suggestion is to setup your amp the way you love the sound and do a direct capture and then merge away with your favorite cabs. I doubt you'll notice a quality difference between native KPA cabs and commercial IRs. They will be different for sure, but it won't be a quality difference.