spdif levels for reamping hot or not?

  • Hi all,

    Been recording with spdif today and reamped some stuff.

    I love how clean and silent the input signal is. Clean sounds work amazingly. But I have some issues with the distorted sounds, they sound a little harsh. I connected the main outs of the kpa to my active monitors and the sound is better, more balanced, tighter low end, so I know how it can sound. Since normally the output of my interface is connected to the same monitors I would expected the spdif sound to be more or less the same, but it's not. Not unusable, but I think it could be better.

    Now, I did a reamp before with a track I recorded into the input of my audio interface (before I had the KPA, I used Amplitube) into the same profile/rig and that one sounds better. Same guitar, same pickup. I noticed that the waveform of that dry track showed more dynamics, while the spdif recorded track seems more even. Also, there was more volume in the dry track than with the kpa one.

    So I wonder if you guys record hot or not when recording for reamping?

    There are so many settings for volume in the KPA as well as other settings dealing with either volumes, spdif, pick up sensitivity, etc, that I am a bit at a loss as where to start to get the direct tone more towards the tone I get when connecting directly to my monitors.

    Thanks for any info you might have.

  • Hi Micheal,

    first of all welcome to Kemperland :thumbsup:

    it takes some time to dial in the perfect reamping levels. First of all make sure your output isn't clipping. The Output LED should never be red.
    The dynamics of a track also come down to the volume of it. If one track get's louder than the other it's dynamic range (from silent to loud) can be higher.
    Check your SPDIF lvl in the Output Menu and also adjust clean- and inputsense to your guitar.

    I record the dry signal as hot as possible to get the most dynamic range. So it takes some time to adjust it right before the edge of clipping.
    Every guitar and every different playing style produces very different outputlevels so maybe you need to adjust the levels even within a song with the same guitar depending on your playing.

    Take your time to read the manuals and everything will work out great ;)

    If you have more specific questions don't hesitate to ask ;)