Top Jimi from Kemper

  • As we all know Kemer has a free Top Jimi pac now,but I'm not hearing or seeing any posts about these great amps, including
    50's tweed Fenders, b.f. Fenders and more...

    Good point. I posted an original thread on "The Gear Page", shortly after the Top Jimi Kemper Factory pack was released. Did my part to spread the word. :thumbsup:

  • Exploring this rig pack now. "TJ - Mars SLead Max-1+Bst" is an amazing profile for high gain lead - it has a great balance between low midrange mojo (which helps me play the fast stuff more fluidly ) and still enough top end to cut through. For busy mixes the other two Super lead profiles might come in handy as they seem to have less low end. I am also getting lots of touch sensitivity in spite of all the gain - love it!

    Also, after a first test the fenders and vox seem really nice as well.

    Thanks Kemper and Jimi! :D

  • Haven't yet had to chance to try the Top Jimmi Kemper Rig Pack, but so far I bought 2 of his packs, SLO 100 and the 1968 SL.
    I really dig the marshall, the SLO was a bit disappointing to me though.

    For a lot of the same reasons here:

    I'm personally not a fan of his profiles at all... To me they are completely midrange, and have absolutely no high end on his overdrive/distortion profiles. The New SLO of his could absolutely rule, but it just sounds like a blanket is on everything above 3k... Again, just my opinion. He also uses some technique to boost the midrange in his amps before he profiles them in the preamp section, like with an EQ pedal or something. It's very prominent. Again, just my opinion but I feel we should all be honest here good or bad with opinions....

    seems I don't dig the micing too much on the slo. its pretty dark and not that fit for anything hi gain metal stuff. Could work for rock though.
    I also tried using the DI profiles, but those where pretty midrangy and didn't have a lot of bass (I tried them on merged cabs I know really well).

    I can very well be that the amp is just like that (based on a marshall after all ;) ), or maybe the settings where that way to compensate bass heavy micing.
    From clips of the SLO I heared so far it should be possible to get there, settings wise. But as long as I don't try one out for myself I won't really know.

    Anyway, keen to try out the kemper rig pack from Top Jimi. Thanks for the pack!