Hello from Holland!

  • +1 for the Remote. I've not used the Behringer but the remote is so easy to work and gives me a corresponding display. I was flying in a couple of minutes and I've never worked with floor boards before. The Remote will probably fare better with future OS upgrades too.

  • Hi Navyhippie,

    I am from Rijnsburg, Netherlands (50+ rocker...) and own a kpa for a few months now.
    I choose to buy the the non-powered version and am looking for the right choice for monitoring on-stage now. At home I use the Adam a5x monitors, which are fine.
    I experienced a lot of bass with all the sounds. The same experience when I tried Electro Voice monitors. I think tweeking is also about which guitar you use, single coils or humbucker might make a lot of difference.
    But monitors are not what you are asking about.

    I choose to buy the Kemper remote as a floorboard and am very happy wiht it. It programs really easy. Would have been a nightmare for me, to learn all the buttons on the Kemper and a midi-floorboard to program at the same time.
    If you are into technichal things, it may save you some euro's to but one of the midi floorboards. Also I have heard that the pedals on a Beringer might have some latency.
    As a solution for volume/wah/pitch I choose to buy a Mission-kpa pedal. Works very well, but I have to figure out how to program it for multiple functions. This looks like a bit tricky. As a for-now solution, I use the 4 outputs for pedals on the kemper-remote and program them for each function (so I have to switch the input-cabel). It as not as it is mend to be, but works for the wah and pitch. The volume however, gave me some problems.

    Have fun,

  • Also the Remote doesn't have volume/wah controls on it.
    Anyone has experience with that?

    Welcome in Kemperland. Have fun to explore it. :)

    The remote can connected to external expression Pedals, which can be configurated in the system menue. (2 up to 4 pcs)
    It works fine but you should consider there are additional cables, which has to handle.
    Generally the Behringer FC1010 is described as very useful but not so stabil as ist could be. But the price is less.

    keep rockin' Harry