When adding profiles to your Kemper..

  • For example: You have a mini pack of a 59 Marshall with 20 different profiles do you;

    A) Create separate profiles to transfer into your Kemper One for CLEAN ...One for CRUNCH ....One for LEAD/HIGH GAIN (similar to like a 3 channel amp)

    B) Choose ONE profile from the mini pack and then just adjust the gain knob on Kemper for the Crunch &/or High Gain

    I'm trying to cut down on amount of profiles in Kemper and keep as streamlined as possible and wondering how others approach this.

  • If I understand the OP's question, for me it depends on the profiles themselves. Using your example, I will demo/audition all of the profiles, and decide which ones I like. Lets say ten of them make that cut. Then, I look at how I might use them and group them into a performance. Usually, when there are multiple profiles, I don't have to go in and do much tweaking. However, if there is only one profile I like a lot - say like TAF's Big Twin, I will tweak that judiciously to get a full performance set up that gives me a range of tones.

    So again, using your example and mine, I might have ten profiles, but group five of them into one performance, three of the others into another performance tweaking one or two to fill the other two performance slots, and two with tweaked versions of both for a third performance. Ten profiles ultimately resulting in 15 total for three performances.

    Note, that isn't necessarily a 'song-based' approach - more of an 'amp-based' approach if that makes sense. More flexible than just creating one performance to match one song since most of my gigging is more improvisationally - oriented and I need to be able to switch tones according to what the other musicians are doing. In theory anyway!

    Hope that makes sense at answers your question and at least gives you an approach.

  • Those are both good approaches Raoul23 & fyingheelhook.

    In a live setting setting up full performances then I would definitely be using many different profiles assigned to different performances. I was thinking more for just home use and keeping Kemper more streamlined. I don't have the Kemper Remote yet (where it would make more sense to set up multiple profiles within a performance.)

    I was mainly wondering if anyone just uses one profile and uses the gain knob on the Kemper to either make it clean, dirty or lead. For example if you have 20 amp profiles you bought that have 10 profiles each (200 profiles total) and then pick one out of each pack you only end up with 20 total profiles on the Kemper.

    The way I've been doing it has been one profile for clean one for dirty one for lead etc. I end up then with 60 profiles on the Kemper (per example above) as opposed to 20. Just wondering if anyone does just the one profile and tweak gain accordingly that way. The drawbacks & advantages.

    Like on the Axe FX for example you have one Mesa Boogie Dual Rect amp model and then you tweak the gain knob accordingly for clean. dirty & lead. With the Kemper we have so many different profiles of the same amp it makes it a little more cumbersome. The plus side of this is obviously you have options of grabbing a different profile of the same amp if you don't like it. Just curious if anyone just grabs one profile out of a pack they bought and treat it as the single profile for that amp model they use.

  • I was mainly wondering if anyone just uses one profile and uses the gain knob on the Kemper to either make it clean, dirty or lead.

    I have - thats why I used the TAF Big Twin - I believe its one of the free profiles that came with the Kemper (I bought mine used and it did have a few commercial profiles I think but not that one?). I have a profile set up where I tweaked gain, definition, EQ and other parameters for four of the slots. Worked out good I think and I come back to it when I need that Twin Reverb sound.

  • I pick profiles that have the sound I am looking for. If I want a crunch sound, I look for a crunch sound. I don't bother messing with parameters on one profile only if I have bought a giant pack that contains everything soundwise that I need...