ReampZone - Marshall JVM410H Pack

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    Edition 1.1 of our JVM410 profiles are out, this includes 121 profiles for you to have fun with, including studio and direct. Edition 2 will be released in the upcoming week with additional cabs (NOTE: UPDATES are 100% free so if you buy edition 1 you'll also get edition 2 .. 3 and so on) , settings and more. (PS, taking configuration requests for free).

    Edition 1.1 Includes:

    • - Marshall 2x12 (Vintage 30 / Heritage)
      • - All Channels (Plus boosted with Keeley Mod TS808)
        • - SM57 Mic
        • - E609 Mic
          • - + Blended
    • - Mesa Boogie Standard 4x12 (Celestion Vintage 30s)
      • - All Channels (Plus boosted with Keeley Mod TS808)
        • - SM57 Mic
        • - E609 Mic
          • - + Blended
    • - Direct Inputs
      • - All channels profiled!
        • - + Dave Mustaine Settings (Clean, Rhythm and Lead)
        • - + Ola Englund Settings (Rhythm)

    Why should you buy this pack? Simple, it's killer! Even though it's still incomplete the pack still has unlimited options in terms of tone. We have included pre-made effects on some cleans for you to simply record and play plus lead patches too! The DI's are also ready to be hooked up to a cab, so what are you waiting for, buy today! Ready to part with your cash? Visit HERE and buy today.


  • Sound samples from the pack

    Rhythm Patch: RZ_JVM410_52 + Solo Patch: RZ_JVM410_15(L)

    (Note: samples used by Ola Englund are DUAL track not quad!!!) The last one is the only one with pure cab on and it's set to 5.

  • Hi

    It appears to be some error with the tagging on those, I'll go review and fix it now and re-upload the correct versions for you to download here. Keeley mod means it's a boosted profile with a TS808 (Keeley mod edition, more info here , our's is the true bypass).

  • A like for the funnay doods dancing in the center of the amp..I thought i had drunk too much at first... i am glad that they are really there LOL


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

  • Dan (MentaL) was kind enough to send some profiles my way if I would record a demo for him - so here is a demo of the profile number 20 :-)

    Description taken from the Soundcloud page:


    Played with PRS Custom 24 30th anniversary

    Starting off on the bridge pickup with guitar volume rolled down, playing softly then harder - then rolling up the volume, and then switching pickups around, and playing a bit with volume knob.

    Improvised - and more focused on demonstrating several different sounds (e.g. chords, power chords, single notes etc) than playing cleanly and in time :-)

    My impressions so far:
    There are a lot of profiles, and a good bit of variety in here. I think soundwise, the profiles can be divided into say 10 groups or so, where the profiles in each group would be fairly similar, but different enough to merit the inclusion of each one in the complete pack.
    Not all profiles suit me, but that's to be expected - I think the goal behind the pack is for people to pick out what they like from the pool, and forget about the rest. There are definitely a good handful of profiles I'll have some more fun with! :-)
    Many of the profiles seem to have pretty high gain - much more than I usually use - but for some reason, many of them don't sound like there's a crapload of gain on them. That's a good thing in my opinion :-)
    I can definitely hear "my guitar" coming through in a lot of these profiles.
    They are a bit different sounding than what I usually play, and my ears had to adjust for a bit (this is of course only relevant to ME :-)). That's not a bad thing; I'll definitely explore them further.

    What I would like to see is profiles with the mesa cab with more controlled low end/low mids - I must say that these sounded quite woofy to me, which is a shame. I could imagine that the mics were placed quite close to the speaker for these profiles, causing the proximity effect to be a bit overwhelming. That's my illusion anyway :-) Maybe a future update of the pack will include some updated mesa cab profiles - I'd dig that!

    All in all, I like many of these profiles. There are 5 free demo profiles on the page, so give them a whirl and see what you think of them!

  • Hi thanks for the comment, i already re-profiled all the mesa channels and they are ready to roll so they should be out later today as an update for edition 1.

  • Edition 1.1 is out with all channels profiled on the mesa cab plus includes improved bass response. A versatile pack from high gain to low gain so it covers all genres of music. Designed not to be limited to one although this amp does roar and thus it wants to be kranked up high. Purchase here.