AGL Bloody Rocka Rigs now for sale

  • Thanks for these new Heritage profiles, Acy. The amp works really well with this cab/mic setup and the new profiles offer a different character to the earlier Creamback and Private Jack based profiles.

    The Bloody Rocka set with all the addons etc has grown to more than 50 profiles now and well worth a look if you like classic Marshall sounds.

  • Hey there, ...... been a while ...... just started my all new homepage again, the Bloody Rocka Rigs site is now online again.

    AGL Bloody Rocka Rigs Site

    Also you will find a free demo rig on that site for download now, check it out.

    And a good idea ....... choose one of the rigs (here its the D rig of the 2017 rigs with the heritage speakers) and add one of the free Celestion IRs that come from Kemper, here´s how that will sound:

    Rock on mates!

  • I've recommended your profiles to people a bunch of times!

    Thanks man! It´s a nice feeling that this amp is used on so many Kempers now, and I also now about some secret studio workers using these rigs for their work. Funny thing so, ..... the amp that I built from scratch, with uncounted numbers of hours of work and fine tuning about the right sound, sure some dozens or may be hundred of different parts as caps and resitors tried for best results, always the same value but different types and directions, ......... until that morning in 2008 when I had the first day with this amp, and I said to myself: That´s it now! Nothing been changed since that day, only tubes, and still 150% happy with this amp.

    All this work, every single soldering point ......... is part of these small 5KB kipr Kemper files, ...... ha ha ha ....... that is really a funny imagination!

    Enjoy rockin!

  • I've had Kemper since late 2012 and during that time, I have played several thousands of free and commercial profiles. ACY's Bloody Rocka rigs are my favourite profiles ever, hands down. They just bloom.

    I'm really happy to see that you're back, ACY. Do you have plans to do more Bloody Rocka profiles, eg. with different speakers and mics?


  • Thanks mates! Let´s wait and see. Since years I´m planning a 50W Rocka, got all the parts here, and another plan is doing a very nice 7ender style 6V6 amp for some dirty Strat tones ........ so there will be room for some more to follow.